Wednesday, August 08, 2007

happy sad

Well today was it, my last day at Big College.
It was a lovely send off.
A few care packages to send me on my way.
One large sheet cake (with not a single piece left to bring home. *sigh*)
One corsage made out of money (and it matched my outfit. Awesomeness.)
Several peeps stopping by to wish me well.
One card filled with a lot of money. (A lot of money.)
Many hugs.
A few tears.
Many, many promises to keep in touch and many email addresses shared.
One round of applause when I announced my soapbox plan for the world (make woman powerful, stop the dumbing down of women in society, end the media images of beauty, thinness, and idolizing stupidity. The power of one person to change the world and the ripple effect of those changes. Quite simple really.)
Several students, and a few of my employees came in to campus just to wish me well.
Even the guys in the IT department were sad to see me leave.

I am sad to leave as well, but I am very excited about the first sentence of the new chapter that will begin this weekend. Very excited. It is finally here. I can't wait to see what the first words on the page will be.


ptg said...

Congrats - not only on writing the final words on this chapter but being brave enough to start a new one. Not many can do it and not many should do it, but you, my dear, will.

And you will ROCK it.

Bob said...

You have an outfit made of MONEY???
Yeah, Awesome!!!

Turn the page, PG!!

Bre said...

It's so hard to say goodbye, isn't it?

Speaking from this side of things, it's good to know that you are remembered fondly and still supported!

limpy99 said...

Yeah, what Bob said. I want an outfit made of money too!

Party Girl said...

ptg: thanks! Again, when in doubt I am coming to you for words of encouragement.

Bob: That's what I thought!!!

...and I will!

Bre: yes, yes it is. I know that they all support and really did mean it when they said they will keep in touch with me.

limpy: It is a beautiful sight, but a little stiff and scratchy. Plus, it doesn't launder well.