Tuesday, October 23, 2007

so, um, well, it's just that, ...yeah

Okay, so I haven't been the best about posting, but I know that none of you are holding that against me because your all not like that and I know you all still love and adore me, because your all just like that.

The thing is, I haven't had anything to say, but I also have a ton to say, but apparently no time to say it...or type it..whatever...and the truth is I've hit a rough patch, but I don't want to talk about...or type it out...whatever...cause it seems that the last few posts have been a bit whiney and I don't like whiney. So I am boycotting whiney. (And Sleepy. And Doc. And Dopey. And Bashful. And...well, you get the point.)
Wait. You mean you didn't get the point? OKay, well, the point is that I am still here, I don't want to leave, so bear with me (or bare with me..your choice) and I will stick my head...or stick a type written quip...whichever...in here now and again and I'll try to do it more than now than again..or again more than now...whichever...and I am still the PG you love and adore, I've just hit a rough patch and I'm trying to work it out. So bear with me. Cause I'm still here.


Appletini said...

I COMPLETELY understand. We'll be here waitin for yu!

Jay said...


Bob said...

What did the dog say when he sat on the sheet of sandpaper???


Hoping your ROUGH patch smooths out soon.


Party Girl said...

Ah, thanks guys.

Bob, that reminds me, I haven't done a single bad joke yet this month in anticipation of the most bestest holiday, Halloween.

...notice I said "yet"

ptg said...

rough patches always suck...but they usually lead to nice smooth patches that remind us why we keep on trying. :o) We'll wait till you're ready to talk about it, and we'll all be here for you.

God knows I've been horrible at posting myself! So I definitely understand.

Just remember to breathe in and out as life continues...and to have a beer and ENJOY it every once in a while.

limpy99 said...

There's always porn.

GirlGoyle said...

You seem a little discombobulated....I'm willing to wait until you get it together girl....no problem!

egan said...

Good luck sorting this out. We all get those rough patches, so we feel you.