Monday, October 01, 2007


..that's what the john said to the prostitute.

...Sometimes I am just so, out-of-my-ass witty.

OKay, don't know that I have much to report, but I felt the need to procrastinate and not read, write, or kill any more trees with research. Ah, gotta love the blog and all things not getting done. What did we do before the Internet? Oh, I know..we worked and talked, and made eye-contact. Also, I read all of yours, but I had nothing creative, witty, or sarcastic to add to the comments. Just know that I was there, I left a non-staining mark, and I love you in my own special non-mark leaving way.

School is going well. Papers are being widdled down. Classes are chugging along. How did it get to be October?

I leave for Budapest in six...maybe seven weeks, not sure how long it is. Too lazy to get up and look at a calendar. I'm excited, but for some reason sad about the trip all at the same time. Not sure why. I haven't had time to read the books or learn the language. Let's hope I have time to do (at least some) reading and learning in the next six...or seven weeks. Trip payment is due this Friday.

I've made some good peeps. I don't know where "peeps" came from, but I've been saying it a lot lately. I apologize in advance. So, I've made some pretty good peeps (again, sorry) It's amazing the kind of friends (ah, much better) I can make by simply saying the phrase, "hey, you guys wanna go for a drink?" Amazing. I wonder how people make friends if they don't drink. Hmm, perplexing and I doubt I will ever find out.

I tested my hyphothesis of vodka makes me smarter, out last Thursday. Greasy bar food with vodka. Hmm, tasty. Three vodka cranberries in 30 minutes, laughs with the friends, walk back to school, rock out by being brilliant in class. Ta dah! Hypothesis becomes theory. Wait. Is that how it goes? Ah, who cares. I was brilliant. See, vodka slows the thinking process down, thus making me think longer before speaking, thus giving everyone else in the class the opportunity to be wrong, and I get to throw my arms up in a, I just scored a touchdown, sort of way when I say the brilliant answer to the perplexing question.

I'm not really dating. Talking to a couple of men, but not really dating any of them.

I'm okay with this.

I also haven't had sex in a really long time.

Again, I'm okay with this.

Yeah. I'm surprised by this too.
I've needed some PG time.
I don't mean time to masturbate.
I just mean some time with my thoughts, feelings, and me.
A sorting out of sorts.

I went to get my nose pierced on Friday.

Didn't have the stud I wanted.

(...and I wasn't even looking for a stud, just a nose ring. Ha!)

...anyway, this was after three years of contemplation about the nose piercing and three and half hours of drinking free beer and dollar domestic bottles. (The drink special knows as, Friday After Class. (Me likey, a lot.) After drinking $6 worth of beer and one glass of free beer I decided I need a hole in my nose.
Again, no stud.
I decided I needed a seventh hole in my ears.
Again, not the hoop I wanted.
So, I just went home.
(so to speak.)

I love Monday night TV. ("How i met your mother" and the new show, "The Big Bang Theory.")

I've gotten into the habit of drinking beer each night before bed.
Thanks, Sam Adams.

One of my neighbors is having serious baby-daddy issues.
This would be on top of her lifetime of issues she seems to be paper-cutting her way through.
She also seems more than happy to share these issues with any and all within earshot.
Oddly enough my completely uncontrollable scream of "shut-up!" went unnoticed.

Everyday I lose and gain the same four.five pounds.
I find this odd.
They may be odd, but I keep finding them (I know, they just keep coming!)
I think it has more to do with my scale.
Wake-up thinner than when I went to bed.
Gain two pounds after breakfast. (really, does an English muffin weigh two-pounds? I'm not putting that much peanut butter and jelly on the nooks and crannies.)
Lose four while at school.
Gain two after a poo. ('Splain that one to me. How do you gain weight by expelling?)
Gain two.five after dinner.
Lose half a pound before bed.
I think my scale is stupid.

Of course it might be the twenty pound book bag I carry during my two mile walk around campus. (I refuse to use a back-pack. I'm 33, no back-pack. So, I will just be the left-sided gimp.)
Or, it could be the combo of beer drinking and.....yep, just the beer drinking.
This is why I have never owned a scale until five weeks ago. As a woman to own a scale is stupid.

My boss is still crazy.
No need to go into it.
She's just nuts.
Nuts and has a short-term memory of which I somehow get blamed for not knowing how to do things, get into things, complete things, or be good at things.
She seems to have learned my name.
Seriously, just watch the movie, (The Devil Wears Prada) that's my Monday-Friday for approximately 20 hours a week. (Not supposed to be more than 16, but whatever.)

Resume will be stealer.

No idea where my level of sarcasm will be.

I'm guessing off the charts.

Oh, wait.

On second thought, maybe the four.five pounds of perpetual weight gain and loss is beer to sarcasm inflow and outflow.

See, blogging is good. It makes me think and come to conclusions.


Bob said...

A week's worth of update in 982 words... So, if you had written another 18; would there be a picture instead?

Thanks for the update!

GirlGoyle said...

OMG you are all over the place and it's deliciously amusing.

limpy99 said...

Gee, that wasn't the least bit random and confusing. Good to see you're still up and about.

Party Girl said...

Bob: OKay, I find it amusing that you know how many words were in the post.

GG: My mind was running a bit random last night. If it popped in my head, it came out onto the keyboard.

Limpy: So, it was just conversation normal, then? (Or BNPGAFU) (Blogging Normal PG All Fucked Up.) beer was present in the typing. Is that refreshing or scary?

limpy99 said...


Appletini said...

I can't believe we are in October too.
How long is a while ;)

ptg said...

Well, to help your creative juices flow - you're tagged. ;o)

Heather said...

My weight does the same thing! AND it sucks!!!