Monday, June 16, 2008

how to make the bitterness return in five minutes or less, just for shits and giggles, during a break in econ class tonight, I decided to add up all the things I lost money on for the little trip to Brazil.

$600+ on vaccines (and I'm still not finished with all of them)
$300 on plane cancellation fees (better than nothing, but still)
$300+ visa fees (you know, to be denied)
$100+ driving to Chicago (once again, just to be denied)
$60 on language tapes (useless)
$30 on a book about Brazil (gee, that came in handy)
and hundreds more on miscellaneous charges, like making extra keys for my apartment, malaria pills,(that won't be used) and let's not forget the econ class I get to take again (yah!) $300+.

Altogether the amount (which I can remember anyway, I know this is not the total amount that I have lost, this is just the amount which I can recall) I have lost, spent, begged, borrowed, took an early payout on, which means I will be penalized come tax time, totals: $1731.00


I knew I lost over $1000.00 on this little misadventure, but I didn't realize it was closer to $2000.00.

Concentrating through the rest of class was a bit difficult.

I really didn't want to intern with the misbegotten grassroots organization, but I finally got tired of going back and forth with my brain, (and after two emails and two voice mails to my advisor asking for guidance and help, only to receive none. As in, literally. No response from any of the emails or phone calls. Thanks.) so, I told her last week I would get on with my research.
I have not gotten on with my research as of yet.
...and now I really do not care to research a good god-blessed piece o' information.
Every time I think about my internship I become sick to my stomach. So, I am either pregnant (eck!)(and gosh, it would be really pickled at this point.) or my mind and body are telling me to shove this little grassroots org deep into some back lawn.


...and no worries, I'm still drinking as if I was back in college town. I mean really, was there any doubt or question about that?


ptg said...

Ugh...that is rather hard to swallow!

Do you think you could be PG with a pickled peanut? LOL (Sorry, it was funny to me!)

GirlGoyle said...

UGH! When it rains it pours!

limpy99 said...

That's half what I spent to go to Disney.

You win.

Party Girl said...

ptg: I like kids. I like other people's kids. I have nooooooo desire to have my own kids. This, I know for sure.

limpy: whose a big weiner? uh, who? Who has two thumbs and is a big weiner? This girl!

gg: especially on me.

oh, and I've thought of even more things, so, it's very close to $2k that has been lost.

But, a lot has been gained. More at the end of the summer of possibilities.

No Way Dave said...

Why did the trip not happen, was it because the Visa was denied or other factors?

Party Girl said...

Dave: I was denied a total of 5 times on the visa front. I took the hint.
The denials are the main reason for not going, but as things have come up/happened since not boarding the plane, it has become obvious that it was for the best that this little internship to Brazil did not happen.
Main reason: cause the director/owner of the org decided not to go at the last minute, so, I would have been there by myself, in a not so great area, trying to teach about HIV/AIDS awareness in very, very broken Portuguese.
Something tells me it would not have been the summer of my dreams.

limpy99 said...

I like to use that expression with the kids on our Little League team. They'll be complaining about something and I'll say "What has two thumbs and doesn't care? THIS GUY!"

Then I go back to drinking beer while they run laps.

Party Girl said...

Limpy: yeah, I work it in to a lot of different things.

"what has two thumbs and likes to give blowjobs? This girl!"

See, its really versatile.

limpy99 said...

Marry me.

Party Girl said...

Oh, alright. If you insist.

...I get to be on top.

limpy99 said...

Why not? We've gotta start somewhere.