Friday, June 13, 2008

water, water everywhere, nor a drop to drink

Sitting here enjoying my summer of possibilities, I thought, gosh, I really don't have anything to write about.


Oh, wait! A large portion of Home State along with Home City are flooded. Hmmm, maaaaybe I should write about that.

Now, when I say, flooded, I don't mean there are a few puddles of water here and there, no, I mean, a large portion of Home State is under water. Several, several, several, several feet of water and the rivers have not crested as of yet, which means more water is coming though Saturday.

I had planned to go back to Home City to visit, this weekend, but I cannot. I cannot get back to Home City, because they are not letting people in.

Having spent the Floods of '93 trapped for the weekend in the Children's Home in which I worked, later burning myself with boiled clean water, only then to soothe the burn with contaminated cold water, thus seeking comfort from a bag of frozen peas as I drove myself to the doctor to get a tetanus shot...the Floods of '08, are going better for me. For me, but not for thousands of others.

I've had friends check on my apartment, it's fine, but things around my apartment are not. I know the school has been canceled a few times this week. Main street are closed and evacuated (where my friends and I go almost every night of the week to drink our days away.) However, in terms of my apartment, it's not the flood waters I am worried about, it is the trees, specifically, the Shade-o-riffic tree. I want the tree to die, but I do not wish it to die by going through my apartment roof from one of the bad storms.

One of my guy friends is interning as an emergency manager within Home City...I would say he is getting a wonderful first-hand training/learning experience.
Girlfriends are sandbagging their homes, other friends have had to be evacuated.

So, although the National News has been reporting on us, I always tend to believe that they sensationalize and only show one bad area, but really, it's not that bad. Well, I am here to tell you, it is that bad. Bad, Bad, horribly awful bad and it is only going to get worse as the rivers crest throughout the weekend.


limpy99 said...
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Party Girl said...

Hmm, well, I was going to comment on your comment, but now there is no comment to comment about. Therefore, to comment on your deleted comment would just confuse the other commenters who have not commented as of yet, but I have faith that they will. Soon-ish, I'm sure.

"Comment" has lost all meaning.

ptg said...

The flooding amazes me. We got flooded throughout the area but it's nowhere near as bad as other regions or even states.

I am glad to hear you are okay, and I hope your friends & fam are too after this weekend.

I heard we're supposed to dry out...but hey, who knows with the weatherman what is actually going to come!

limpy99 said...

Yeah, I put the comment up there, then looked at it and ecided it didn't come out right, so I deleted it and meant to put another one up there and then got distracted and then I forgot and now I humbly apoplogize and am glad that today's paper reports that the floods are receding(ish) and you can still have that beer.

GirlGoyle said...

I just really don't know what to say that could in any shape or form help. I'm beginning to wonder where all this stems from. Is it a punishment for all the harm and carelessness we have towards mother earth? did we bring this upon ourselves? Or am I just being a fatalist and it's a random occurrence. Either way....I don't know what I could say to help. Sorry....

Party Girl said...

ptg: yep, it's gotten better over the weekend and it is not supposed to rain all week. Yah!

limpy: yeah, I was a little surprised by your earlier comment, but didn't take it too seriously or in a bad way. My response was basically, "um, yeah, it does suck."

GG: there was a lot of snow this winter, lots of rain this spring. The global gods may be trying to tell us something, or, it may just be freak weather.
Thanks for your thoughts.