Monday, September 24, 2007

I'll be at the bar by 6

................and I'm now a member of the Public Policy Commission Board.

The entire class was asked three times. Resume padding was mentioned several times. No one bit. Hey, I can't help it if the youngins don't understand how important that is.

Limpy, notice that one is Public Policy related. I'll see you at the bar. You buy the beer, I'll buy the Jager. Wait, I don't think you like Jager. Okay, you buy the beer.


limpy99 said...

In fact, I don't like Jager, but I do like beer. And tequila. And scotch. And Jameson's.

So I think we'll find some way to occupy our time.

Appletini said...

jager is killer!

Party Girl said...

Limpy: Jager and beer for me. Tequila and beer for you.

Let's race and see who vomits first.
And whose colin is cleaned out first.

Apple: As in wicked killer or as in ew, yuck I just vomited killer bad?

Jay said...

Jager is evil!

Beer is divinity on tap.

And it's spelled c-o-l-o-n.

Thank you. ;-P

Party Girl said...

Jay: You are always there when I need you.

...and I looked at that spelling a loooong time. Didn't look right. Thanks for the clean-up (pun intended)

GirlGoyle said...

If there is beer...counte me in.

Phollower said...

You're buying the Jager and Limpy's buying the beer and the tequilla? Fine, you convinced me.

But I'm cleaning out my colin before I show up. I hope he doesn't think it's weird.