Sunday, November 04, 2007

...and now a moment to daydream...

First, I LOVE falling back and gaining an hour. Fantastic!

Second, In two weeks I will be celebrating Turkey day early because I will be in Budapest! How crazily wonderful is that?
Even though I scheduled the trip back in early June I've only had the chance to study up on it last night and then an evening when I was back home. I think I finally have the currency figured out (totally in my favor.) No idea on the language. Not happy about not knowing how to say the basics, but I still have two WHOLE weeks to figure it out. (yes, that was sarcasm.)
If anyone has any pointers, please point me.

Third, proving that life has to do with who you know and not what you know: A friend of mine (we will call her Enviro Girl) in the MPP works with a gal who has her own non-profit. In explaining to Enviro Girl what I want to do with my MPP degree, she told me I needed to talk to the girl she works with as she has an internship available for the summer, which is when I need to have one. So I emailed her a couple of days ago and yesterday we met.
Her org is EXACTLY what I want to do; educating and empowering impoverished women and children in terms of health education and life skills. She does teaching and also jewelry making/sales. So, this is awesome, right? Well, yes. However, the most wonderfully fantastic amazing part of it: it's in Brazil.
I would be spending my summer in Brazil.
Well, if I can figure out how to make it policy related. Non-profit Girl has told me it is up to me how I want to direct the internship, let her know and she will figure it out from there.
Friday I meet with my director to discuss internships and requirements and such, so let's hope.
However, right now I am in full-force daydream mode. This is the stage where everything is possible and I haven't been told nothing is impossible...perfect daydreaming stage. The stage where I can think of, dream, and image all of the possibles and all of the probables and none of the impossibles or improbables.

I was too excited after meeting with her to just come home, so a stop at the local B&N was in order. One book bought on Brazil, Portuguese language tapes, and the new book, "American Creation." Sure that last one sounds random, but I had planned to purchase the book yesterday before any of this other came about. So on the way home I popped in the Portuguese language CD. I am no where close to learning the language. However, before I even knew this was a dream that could be a possibility I was thinking about taking a foreign language class next semester. Looks like that may be a good idea now.

Fourth, if you're thinking you hate me right now, well I do have four papers to write before I leave and two of the requirements haven't been posted yet. They were supposed to be posted by Friday, alas they haven't. Yeah, that professor is awesome. But, this is a small price to pay. Small price indeed considering I will be in Budapest in two weeks.
(!!!! Two weeks!!! How is that even possible? How is it November?)

So, I will be spending the rest of the day trying to be productive and trying to not let my daydreaming take over. Needless to say, the insomnia has been back for about a week now. Yeah, surprising. Last night, when I should have been sound asleep dreaming about all of the above I was instead daydreaming and planning about all of the above. I know, it's tough.


Bre said...

Do you have a suitcase that I can squish into?

Appletini said...

Oh! I am so envious.

You deserve it! ;)

limpy99 said...

I would just say that it is your policy to enjoy your summer internship as much as possible, and that doing it in Brazil would maximize the potential for policy fulfillment.

A friend of mine went to Turkey within the last two years. He had a good time. All I know is that at our next poker game he pulled out a note for something like $2 bazillion Turkish lira and tried to change it for $10 in chips.

We said no.

Party Girl said...

Bre: Because of the stupid 3 oz rule I have to bring more luggage than I care to. This totally means you have room to be squished.

Apple: Thanks. It's good to reward myself. I think we should all reward ourselves more often.

Limpy: Hold on. I'm copying that first part and pasteing it into an email to my advisor.
cross your fingers that she will go for it.

Enviro Girl asked if Budapest was close to Turkey.
She then asked me to bring back some dried apricots since Turkey is known for them.
Um, Okay.
Well, I'm not going to Turkey and I could just go to the local grocery store and buy you some dried apricots.
She claimed it wasn't the same.
So, now I have to suggle Bre into one of my suitcases AND smuggle dried apricots back.

..oh, and with the exchange rate I can buy LOTS of dried fruits...and perhaps buy my way out of a Hungarian prison.

limpy99 said...

I don't know why, but for some reason you said "Budapest" and I got "Constantinople" in my head. Again, I have no idea why. I don't know anyone who's ever been to Hungary, but if you bring back any Hungarian currency, I'm sure we'd let you change it in for $10 worth of chips.

Party Girl said...

Limpy: Oh, you spoil me so.

No worries. Most of the people who I've told I am going to Budapest have had this reaction:
BOO-DA-pest?!?!?! Why do you want to got BOO-DA-pest?!?!?!

...why am I going to a third world country?

...Yeah, I have no idea even where that is.

Or some variation there of.

So the mere fact that you even know where it is or at least the general location, well, you're ahead of the game.

GirlGoyle said... suck. But good for you! Hopefully the dreams will become reality. As for Budapest, most people speak English as they are a very educated population. You should have no problems at all. I hear it's a lovely place despite it being cold this time of year. And for picking a foreign language to study...I'd pick something more useful and requested than Port.

limpy99 said...

I even know it's two cities, combined into one, Buda & Pest, separated by the Danube. But did they ask me this on Jeopardy? Noooooooooooooooooooo.

Making your blog the only place I've been able to show off this amazing bit of trivia.

Party Girl said...

GG: Yeah. I know. But it's in the very best way.

Limpy: Congrats! You are one of the few people who know that.

I will be on the Pest side, if you care.

and my blog is handy for a lot of things. Dorkiness among them.