Tuesday, July 08, 2008

...and now a word from our sponsers

Okay, I have no idea what the title and this post have in common, it just popped into my head.

Basically this is a quick update on what has ben going on.

My best gal is interning with the governor's office and in speaking with the human rights people, they asked her to ask me for my resume. Twice. Maybe even three times they asked, finally I sent it over. Through the magic of Internet email, I was contacted within minutes...yes, minutes of resume receipt, for an interview.

Color me feeling special.
(It's a light shade of pink.)

After a few days of phone tag, I went in for my interview last week and yesterday (Monday) I started my internship with the states Human Rights department.
They mentioned several times how impressed they were with my resume (I tell ya, the next person who tells me this, I am going to ask the to tell me what exactly they find impressive...or maybe I am just bad at tooting my own horn.) So for the next four weeks, 120 hours I will be rewriting, the division that I will be working in, website. The English part, not the computer part.

On the same day that I was called for an interview by human rights, I went back to home city to talk to Small State U's study abroad office, as they offered me an internship as well.
Starting this fall I will be researching all countries visas requirements and putting it into a publication for the school. (appropriate, no?) Yes, I will be published. Sure, it will be boring and dry information, but still.

I really wanted to use the Study Abroad as my internship as 1) it was paid and 2) I could use that as a job and internship and I would not have to find a job this fall.

Of course, my advisor will not let me use it as an internship, so it will be on a volunteer basis. Cause apparently I have copious amounts of time to give.

This leaves the grassroots org that I have been interning with and (not really) been doing research for. I have not wanted to intern with this org since the whole Brazil disaster, but really did not have a choice at the time to get my requirement in...and oh, yeah, all that debt I went into for nothing...so, I've been continuing to "work" for her. (The air quotes, which I hate, are because I have been researching and sending her things, but the amount of energy I spend pissing and moaning about it, versus the amount of time doing, two different amounts.)

So, I need to tell grassroots that I will no longer be interning with her...only I don't want to. I don't want to tell her, I just want to stop. Yet, I think it is incredibly important for her to know why (ala, bad internship, mislead about Brazil, copious amounts of money lost for nothing) but I also don't want to. Not because I am scared, or a chickenshit, just...I don't care. I don't have the energy to do it. Bad? Maybe, but right now, that's right, I don't care.
I'm resentful, no longer angry, but still resentful. It will pass. It was all for the best and it has all worked out, but still.

For the remainder of July I will be working with my special needs students at former employeer college, running to my internship to get 120 hours in within four weeks, and trying to enjoy my summer of possibilities. The movie going and popcorn munching will slow waaaaaay down henceforth.

Your thoughts?

Update on the summer of possibilities:


Get Smart (wait for DVD)
Kung Fu Panda (loved it, so cute and a great message.)
Wall-E (Wow, what a social commentary for the parents who got suckered in to see it with their kids. Great message, plan to see it again.)
Wanted (Awesome, brainless, spontaneous violent fun, that actually contains a storyline. Oh, and amazing eye candy throughout.)


The Dirt on Clean, an Unsanitized History (bathing habits throughout history)
The Omnivore's Dilemma (Not helping my "I don't like not knowing where my food it coming from, all the hormones injected into my food, and how the hell does Salmonella get into tomatoes?" dilemma, but interesting.)
The Miraculous Adventure of Edward Tulane (a kid's book. Read it in one hour. Want to feel like you accomplished something, read a kid's book.)
100 Ways America is Screwing up the World (really, just 100?)
Walking in Circles Before Lying Down (Poorly written, but cute story)

Currently reading:

The Day of Empire, Rise of the Hyperpower
A Splendid Exchange, How Trade Shaped the World
, a collection of short stories.

I have several story ideas I am working on.

Oh, and I am taking yoga and going for very long walks each day. Both make me feel incredibly powerful. Good for the soul, good for the brain, good for the spirit.

Sorry that there aren't any links, it's getting late, I am lazy, and I need to study for my econ test, which is tomorrow, and get my required 4-6 hours of sleep to repeat what you just read and I just typed.
Good day.


Party Girl said...

After an awesome day of government volunteerism aka interning, where I was able to write and be creative with the verbage all day, speed racing my way through my econ exam, cause there is a 1 hour time limit (it's not enough time!!)

...and no thanks to anyone give me their two cents...

I sent my "resignation" (can it be called that?) to the grassroots org. It was diplomatic, honest, frank, and I even included some of the research I had composed/written within the last few weeks.

Now, let's hope I didn't just cut off my nose.

GirlGoyle said...

Good call on the low key but honest. I learned the hard way never to burn any bridges no matter how sucky they are. Somehow they find a way of biting you in the ass.

ptg said...

Good for you for resigning (or quitting, whatever) the grassroots organization. I hope you included some of the dissapointments in your letter, because seriously - they need to change.

We'll probably go see Wanted this weekend. If not for Jolie, then for the shoot-em-up type action.

Glad to hear about the yoga and walks. I'd love to restart my yoga; I did it many, many moons ago and enjoyed it. Right now I'm just too self-conscious and busy to go to a class, so I'm thinking it will have to be via DVD/video.

limpy99 said...

I always thought "special" was kind of a mauve shade, but then I had that big box of 64 crayons with the sharpener in the back.

My childhood rocked!