Friday, September 05, 2008

Just sayin'

VH1 actually plays music!

Although this discovery happened at 3:31 in the a.m. I am sure the music channel will resume showing music videos during regular business hours any day now.

Sure of it.


limpy99 said...

I refuse to believe this.

Jay said...

I agree with Limpy. I made the mistake of watching MTV for an hour or so this past weekend. Horrible.

Party Girl said...

Limpy: If hadn't been up, I wouldn't have believed it either.

Want another unbelieveable shocker? They also play videos as 9:30 in the morning!! Who knew?

Jay: Does MTV even play videos, ever??/

Jay said...

Actually, they do.

MTV now has genre-specific channels. So instead of one MTV channel, there's now a bunch of them. The original MTV is formatted to whatever is popular viewing with the kids these days. Right now, it's reality TV.

I think I'm just getting old. :-)

Party Girl said...

Jay: You and me both.

You stated last week about your age and going back to school. Yeah, the median age of the other grad students in my program...and in this 23/24. I'm 34. You wouldn't think it would make that much difference, but trust me, I want to punch (just about) everyone in the face most days. Oy, what happened to experiencing the real world? The actual real world, not the MTV version.

Jay said...

Luckily, only in one of my classes am I probably the oldest of the group. My other three classes are a good mix of people of different ages and backgrounds.

The real world is slowly becoming "The Real World".

Thank you, Main Stream Media!!!!! ;-P

BTW, how are your classes going?

Party Girl said...

Jay: That's awesome and I hope you like your classes and they are going well!

All of my classes should be fine, should get all A's, but one class, Cost Benefit Analysis should and will prove interesting and challenging. I need to stop the self-doubt..that's been my biggest issue in grad school. Ech!

One class I will be writing about human rights and education, so I'm happy.
For my major research paper, which needs to be finished before I can take comps, I will be writing about the history of birth control in the U.S.
Ethics in Public Policy, it's all deep thoughts and questions, so I'm fine with that.
An independent study course in which I will be focusing on human rights issues.

Lots of papers, truly, just the CBA that has me (and everyone else) worried.

Thanks for asking!


Jay said...

Currently, I am taking:
English 2
General Anthropology

Philosophy is very free-form, not a lot of structure at all. We're working through Logic over the next two weeks. Pure logic annoys me. It gives no credence to content. As long as you follow the formula your argument is valid. Poop I say!

Psychology is the polar opposite, full of structure. Honestly, this is my least favorite class right now. The professor is great, but the subject matter doesn't grab hold of me. It's a General Ed. class, so I'll deal.

English 2 will be my most labor-intensive class of the semester, lots of writing and learning how to structure arguments properly in preparation for the great many papers I will be writing after transferring to a four year institution.

General Anthro is, obviously, my favorite class. This is what I'm going to school for. I am well ahead of the class. The due date for the topic of our term paper is Oct.16th. I'm the only student my professor has in all 3 of his General Anthro. classes that has a topic already chosen and approved. I will be rocking this class and every other Anthro. class I take from here to fucking eternity! :-)

Despite the fact that it's been so long since my last attempt at college, I'm starting to get into a groove.

Party Girl said...

...and your anthro topic is?

Jay said...

...The History and Cultural Identities of "Comfort Foods" in the City of Chicago.

Four main food types:

Chicago-style Hot Dogs
Italian Beef
Maxwell St. Polish Dogs
Chicago-style Deep-Dish Pizza

My focus for my Anthropological studies from this point on will be food and culture.

I want to eat my way across the world! (Is it just me, or was that vaguely sexual?)

Then again, our lust for sex and our need for food are derived from the same part of our brains! :-)

Party Girl said...

I find find and the cultural/reasons behind them interesting.

When I was seriously considering the U of Texas at Austin's American Studies program, my focus would have been on food and the history of American food trends, how they got started, and the fast food chains, ethnic, and soul food.

The shows on the History Channel, ala History on a Bun and also Unwrapped on the Food channel.

Food and cultural is why I love shows like Anthony Bourdain's.

Good luck, I know you're going to and will be awesome!

..and yes, it was sexual, but you know, I like it that way. Food and sex...two of my favorite things.

Jay said...

It's funny that you mention UT Austin. It was on my list of 4 year colleges to consider. It has one of the best Anthro. programs in the country. I took it off of the list after discovering that the program's main focus is Native American Archeology.

Right now, I'm on a food cart kick. Street vendor's, to me, are the backbone of the culinary world. Their food, in all of its wonderful forms, are amongst my favorites.

Food, sex, that order.

We really do need to meet up sometime. I think hilarity and insanity would ensue. :-)

Party Girl said...