Friday, September 12, 2008

you go in for a massage...

feel completely re-energized, realize throughout the day that your slowly being covered in bruises, go to bed, sleep great, wake-up with more bruises. My ass and hips look like I sat on a bunch of raspberries. My right thigh is one big bruise. Two small bruises above each boob, one small one on each arm. But, totally worth it.

I've had a lot of massages, the fluff and stuff, the found a kink, worked it out kind, but yesterday I found a gal who when I said, "I want a deep tissue massage, full of elbows, and here's where it hurts." ...and she actually listened. Truly, I felt like I was on speed all day my body, besides the bruises, feels amazing.

On another note: Follow-up date tonight with the 26 year-old. Does that make me a cougar? I don't think it does, but you all would probably know more than me. Grrr. Bruises are hot, right?
However, thinking this one has a shelf-life. It may be expiring tonight. Could be wrong. He's 26 after all and talks like he's 26. Odd. I look forward to the day when there is no shelf-life, or at the very least, not feel like there is one.


Jay said...

I found a massage therapist 3 years ago that does deep tissue well.

Her name is Anna.

She's 5'2. Petite as can be.

With the exception that her biceps and forearms are almost as big as mine!

For $65, I get an hour of pure pain and bliss.

Now if I could just get her to cuddle me afterwards... :-)

Party Girl said...

Oh, I think I forgot to mention the bruise on my stomach. That was first. A stomach massage.

The best part (Okay, one of the perks) was that it was through the wellness center at school. Cheap, $45 for 60 minutes and they didn't ask for a tip. Oh, yeah. baby was happy.

A cuddle would have made it pure complete bliss.

ptg said...

A CMT who actually listens? Amazing. LOL Glad to hear the good pain was there.

Also, you made me giggle with the term "shelf life" applied to dating. It's so very true, but still incredibly amusing.

Party Girl said...

ptg: On a date, no matter which number it is, there is the sense of an end. The expiration date of the relationship. The, "yep, I cannot look past that annoying, stupid, ridiculous, X-subject, X-habit anymore..."

Last night was actually fun. (Notice my shock and surprise.) There was definitely a turning point in the conversation where I thought, "Huh, well, who knows..." Maybe the expiration date isn't for a few more weeks/months.

but there is that whole, stop saying the stupid things a 26 year old says, issue, cause you know he is...and I already have been 26 so I've already heard the stupid things....

On another note: more bruises and the one on my right thigh is so big and deep that today it hurts to walk and forget about the soap/lotion during and after a shower. Yep, it hurts that bad that even to look at it sends waves of pain. Totally worth it though.

GirlGoyle said...

I don't think you ever get past the shelf life. Some may be too ripe and others may be well beyond the rotting stage. Eh!