Sunday, December 07, 2008

Completely sorry for being MIA

Well, maybe not completely sorry. I have been diligently typing away at my pile and lists of "to do" (alas, there is no "honey" attached to it) before the end of the semester strikes.

Since I received extensions on two of my deadlines, this has only added to the pile. Relieved the stress (temporarily) but, still, the papers and their deadlines are on the list.

Today I managed to finish two more papers and start two others. This in despite of really, really, really (no, really) wanting to stay in a horizontal position on my big, ugly, comfy couch.
But, no, I was strong (or the stress and panic attack kicked my butt into gear) and I sweated it out at the keyboard for a few hours. However, that was all the more I was able to do. I think I have caught a bug. Not a bed bug or a love bug, but the
-am I going to throw-up?- bug. Thus, the creativity needed to write and not to plagiarize and be thrown out of school was in short supply by the time I reached papers 3 and 4.

Next week is my last week of classes, the following is finals week. As horrible (horrible, terribly, no good) as this semester has been, gee-golly-gosh has it flown on by.

And speaking of asshole, BJ received his "no contact" order over break, his hearing was on Wednesday, I have not heard anything to know what has/has not been done or agreed upon.
....only one week left....


Jay said...

These last two weeks are gonna be SO MUCH FUCKING FUN!

Am I right?!

I have an extra credit paper that needs to be done by Thursday and three papers for two different classes that I am putting the final touches on.(I love it when professors allow me to rewrite stuff!)

My Psychology professor emailed me my current grade in his class. I would have to score under 80% on my final to screw up my chances of getting an A in that class. I've gotten 91% on both of the previous tests. I also aced the last quiz. I feel better about this last test than the other two.

I have an honest shot at getting a 4.0 for my first semester back in college. Considering my former academic career, it feels weird to say it.

If and/or when I make the Dean's list, I will email you a copy to put on your refrigerator! :-)

Party Girl said...

Jay: that is really spectacular! Awesomeness for you!!

I understand the differences between this go around with higher ed versus previous times. I went from being on academic probation my first year of college (right out of high school) to being on the Dean's list my entire aceademic career this last time and missing the honors list by *that* much.

Anyway., good for you. I am a bit more worried about my grades than I would like to be, but I have faith I will pull out the required 3.0 this semester. Consider all of the poo I've gone through, that will be quiet the accomplishment.

..and I would display it proudly on my fridge.

ptg said...

You know what? I will totally create your own specialized diploma for you to hang up on your fridge. :o) So when you're DONEWITHSCHOOL you let me know, and it will be on its' way to you. :o)
Because you fucking rock that's why.

Party Girl said...

ptg: ...and I will take it!

GirlGoyle said... know how it is...the busier you are the busier you get!