Wednesday, December 03, 2008

some ponderings

Some thoughts:

Have you ever wondered just how cold fuck is?
As in the sentence: "It's cold as fuck out there"
This can also be seen in the phrasing, "It's hot as fuck out there."

Now, I've had some hot fucking, so maybe that's what it means, but cold as fuck? I've had some bad fucks, but I don't believe I have ever had any cold fucks. Dated a few, but that's another story.

If beer, mead, wine, alcohol, were the basic liquids to quench a thirst for most of time, then how did people get anything done? I bet they were tired, sleepy you might say, and drunk. Drunk just about all the time; just about everyday I would venture to guess. So, why can't we drink while at work, school? I would be much more productive and happy. Well, maybe not productive. I would probably have more pee breaks.

Fetal alcohol syndrome. It's bad. It's been shown that women should not drink while pregnant, if they do, there may be consequences. But what about my previous pondering. Women drank all the time, so in theory there were a lot of people (fetuses) who had fetal alcohol syndrome throughout there just a lot of special needs person walking around and no one noticed?

Because we are all different, this causes conflict. Annoyances. I want to smack a lot of people upside their head. So, if we were all the same, would we get along better, or would that just cause more conflict? Typically those who I am closest to in personality, I want to smack the hardest in the head.

...that's all for now.

*This post is a result of being woken-up at 6 a.m. this morning and trying (unsuccessfully) to fall back to sleep.

**The result of the disturbance was due to my neighbor turning on the shower, the pipes rattling to the point of it sounding like a machine gun and my heart beating like machine gun blasts in my chest. Good morning.


Jay said...

Ah yes, sleep. I've heard about such things. I have finished writing 3 papers in the last 48 hours and sleep has become a long lost friend. At least my apartment is relatively quiet. My roommate doesn't party like he used to and I don't live in Madison's version of the ghetto anymore. I like not falling asleep to the sounds of screaming or the occasional gunfire. :-)

Joke said...

Hate being awakened ahead of schedule.

It's enough of a task to fall asleep on a good day, to have all my hard work ruined.


Old Man Crowder said...

I love your theory on drinking while pregnant. I've often wondered how we define "normal" and what is "reality".

Maybe we are all just a bunch of retards and should have been on the short bus all along.