Thursday, January 22, 2009

not dead

Just very over-whelmed with school, life, and all things dealing with me. Actually, I've been in a rather awesome mood the last few days, and for no particular reason at all.

Last semester did not end well and I was dealing with all of the (very unnecessarily) (CBA professor telling me I received one grade, when really, I received a much different lower grade. Another professor losing one of my papers and instead of telling me this, he just gave me an "Incomplete" for the semester. Which, I sent him my paper again (over a month ago) and he still has not posted my grade. Yes, I have emailed him about this) (and some other crap-a-roo-ni) crap of that during my break. Nice. However, it has been all dealt with, handled, pissed about and over and now onto the next, new, and last semester of my grad school career (thank god for that).

This past weekend one of my guy friends and I were supposed to go on what was to be a relaxing and fun-filled roadtrip. It was a blast for about 6 hours. Then we hit a deer in the middle of BFE IL at 5:45 in the a.m. Raodtrip no longer fun or stress-free.

I am taking classes sans classmates, which has been awesome and even more awesome. However, the three classes I am taking this semester (my last one!!) are very, very (very) paper intensive and well, I still have my research paper from last semester to finish, and comps to study yeah. That's why I am not dead, just MIA. I will try to not be so MIA in the near future. But, I don't promise anything.

Hope you are all doing awesome and swell!


Old Man Crowder said...

Still waiting for the history of shit tickets.

I can wait, though. School comes first (the selfish bitch that it is).

Bob said...

There you are!!! Been wondering?!?

Carry on!

GirlGoyle said...

Holy Moly a deer??? Good thing no one (but the deer) was hurt!

ptg said...

Thank goodness you're alive...I was getting worried.
Glad to hear you're okay, even if crazybusy and all.

How are things going with aforementioned male friend? Good, I hope?

Party Girl said...

OMC: Oy, I forgot about that. I am really hoping to restart (again) the inner dork Thursdays.

Bob: Well, I've been wondering about you, too!

GG: Yeah, it was an interesting night...but not in a good way.

ptg: Yep, I'm here, just swamped.

The aforementioned man, just fizzled. With the long-distance of 5+hours between us and the horrible winter weather, we just weren't able to, nor in the for seeable future would we be able to, see each other as much as we wanted/need to.

But, there is a new male friend on the agenda as of the past several weeks. So, I will keep you posted. He lives only a mere hour away.