Thursday, March 05, 2009


Right now, I am borderline drunk.

In another 30 inutes (or so) I will be drunk. (I'mleaving the typos for effect)

I went out with the first years. Best time I've jad in a very, very long time/

Three long island iced teas, one fuck-up drink that the waitress gave to me, and a margarita...all in an hour and fifteen minutes. (wow. fifteen is hard to spell out)

Good times, good laughts, good hot flashes of alcohol, and brain freeze.)

I needed tonight. Boy fif I need tonight. (i'm leaving that typo, too)

It's been hectic and stressful semester. More on that later. I like the first years. I hate the econd years (a.k.a. my classmates)

I'm outtie. Hope your Thursday was wonderful and spectacular.


ptg said...

woohoo PG! :o) So glad you had a great time, I know you needed (and deserved) it!

Old Man Crowder said...

I thought there was a cardinal rule against blogging drunk (or near drunk).


Glad to know you're an outie. I, myself, am an innie.

Jay said...

You silly drunkard! Why didn't you drunk call/text me like normal drunk people do?!

The nerve... ;-P

PorkStar said...

good job, i'm sure you needed it too... mine is tonight, two mojitos and i'll be completely shitfaced! : )

Anonymous said...

Narcissim must look attractive to you in the mirror. My comment is not hateful, although you will take it that way and delete it...or write about it...cue the drama. Drink it away, blame it away, excuse it away...look at what's happened and take personal responsibility for it. Don't blame it on others and don't "no contact" anyone who doesn't see it from your skewed perspective. You are honest, open, judgment free...and honest? Ummmm don't think so.

Jay said...

The cowardice of your anonymity must look attractive to you on your computer screen. My comment is not hateful, though I'm sure you'll take it that way and become spiteful at this person whom you've never met for being so judgmental. Continue to write in such angry tones and claim to write without hate. Anonymity is often one's way of denying responsibility for one's words and deeds. "Skewed perspective" is something that, I get the impression, you know well. Honesty, openness, judgment on the Internet is in the eye of the beholder. To expect anything more is to play a fool's game.

If you expect your words to be taken seriously here, grow some testicles and identify yourself to those whom you are talking to.

Party Girl said...

ptg: You have no idea how much I needed the laughs, it was a well-deserved good time.

OMC: Actually, I'm an innie, too.
I was in too good of a mood to not post. Cardinal rule or not.

Pork star: You had your fun in Prague, so two drinks sounds good.

Jay: Oh, I should have! Next time, promise.


Jay: Well said, and thank you.