Monday, March 02, 2009

morning promises, afternoon resolutions

Being a 34 year-old (almost 35, eck!) grad student, I’ve decided I should live a healthier life. I wake-up all bushy-eyed and wide-tailed (no, wait, that’s not right.) (Or, maybe it is.) and I decide I should live a healthier life. I think I will eat only fruit and give my body a cleanse. Yes! What a wonderful positive step in the right direction.

I down my morning fruit smoothie and think, this is great! For lunch I’ll have a V-8 and a veggie blend of juice and it will be delicious and my body will thank me. I will be all glowy and my body will say, “thank you.”
Go me! I. am. awesome.

Then ‘round 2-ish I decide a hot dog sounds delicious.

Cleanse, over.

The hot dog goes against my new vegetarian mentality, but I’m sure this too shall pass. I have given up the cow, the pig, the fish, and the chicken. I, apparently, cannot give up the mystery meat. The mystery meat is delicious and my nemesis. (fist goes in the air, “foiled again!”)


ptg said...

Well, since you can't identify the mystery meat, it's not technically any of the animals you just gave up, right?? LOL

Party Girl said...

ptg: I like your thinkin'!

PorkStar said...

I agree with ptg too, with that, you can be a part-time vegetarian, i was one and it worked fine, until I decided to go commando on chicken and red meat.

Old Man Crowder said...

You know... If God had wanted us to be vegetarians, he wouldn't have made the animals so tasty!

Meat it up, PG, and we'll have a lot more in common than just our ages.

Party Girl said...

porkstar: Commando on chicken and red meat, oh, my!

OMC: I've seen too many shows/documentaries about chicken farms and turkey farms, fishiers, and the cow, it's about the hormones. If the hormones make the cows fat, then what's to say they aren't making all of us fat?
Plus, the whole human rights thing I am doing, I had a thought last summer...human rights/animal right..human rights/animal rights...

Not saying it is for life...I've slipped a bit this past week...but there are certain meat products that just make me want to hurl. Hot dogs, apparently, not one of them. Go, fig...

Good to know we have widsom, er, age on our side.

TrappedInColorado said...

Your writing has improved. I have not visited for quite sometime so I know of what I speak. :)

I have not been able to go back and find out why you have a no contact thing at school. Maybe you can point me to the exact posting.

Still painting?


Party Girl said...


No contact order goes back to November/Thanksgiving, if that helps.

I paint when time and money allows. I painted a lot (a lot) during the fall, but this semester has not allowed for the time to do so. I was just wishing that this weekend I can pull out the brushes and finish a few I started over winter break.

Jay said...

There is a threshold at which one must decide: at what point in the hot dog's processing does it cease to be the meat it once was.

I believe the hot dog, even all beef hot dogs, takes several steps beyond that point. :-)

Jay said...

There is a threshold at which one must decide: at what point in the hot dog's processing does it cease to be the meat it once was.

Take the phrase "the hot dog's" and replace it with the word "food".

Thank you.

I was half-asleep when I wrote this.