Thursday, March 12, 2009

whoo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's spring break!

Yippee, fucking, Skippy!

As it is Thursday, and what I hope becomes a Thursday tradition, I am once again, tipsy. Tipsy, not drunk. Here's why college towns rock: double vodka cranberry, a shot of Jager, and an appetizer; my total: $5.34, with tip: $7.34. Awesomeness.

Anywho. So, after studying my ass off, over 20 hours since Monday, to study for my Public Finance exam today, I had no idea how to answer the first question. The question which was worth 25 points, or, what is a quarter of my grade. So, I did the only thing I know how to do: ramble about everything else that had to do with financing and problems with it. Throw a dart and I'm sure I hit shit-pie somewhere. Otherwise, I think I aced the test...well, aced as best that an be aced on a Public Finance exam. Please-oh-please let me get at least a B on the exam.

So, what will I be doing during spring break? Well, buckle-up Cowboy, it's pretty freakin riveting: I have three papers, one take-home test, and a presentation all due on Tuesday 24..or, what is my first day back to school after spring break. Yay. So, I have to do all of that, plus, study for comps in the next week. Should be awesome.

Comps are April 2nd and 3rd. Two days of 16 hours worth of brain dump.
This semester is kicking my ass, but somehow it is flying by. Flying, zip, zoom, boom, flash.

Time to start the take-home exam.

Oh, and it is inner dork Thursday, here's a quickie: Lysol was originally marketed as a douche for contraceptive purposes.
All I have to say is, fucking-a ouch.


Jay said...


I will be visiting friends in Denver for Spring Break.

I will also be: reading 125 pages from two books, 65 pages from Ritual and Belief and the rest on Literature, complete four writing assignments included in the Lit. reading, write two essay-style exams totaling 18 pages,(I have 2 written so far) 9 pages for the Anthropology of Myth, Magic, and Religion and 9 pages for Cultural Anthro. All due the next week.

Plus, I will be making time for various friends and my favorite lady, Gina.

So, my week will be spent reading, writing, eating, drinking, and having sex. Not a bad week, I would say. ;-)

Party Girl said...

I forgot: I also have to read 100+ pages for soc, and write an abstract over each reading, I think I have 5 abstracts to write. So, over 50 pages of writing.
(I'm almost finished...I'm almost finished...)

Not making it a contest =0)


Sex? Have fun. I am on a no, dating, no, sex moment in my life. I am taking care of the inner and spiritual me. It's been nice. Yes, I said, it has been nice.

Have fun, I know you will.

Oh, I will be getting my green on 17th and going home over the weekend.

PorkStar said...

lol ouch with the Lysol thing... and good luck with your tests.. : )

GirlGoyle said...

isn't lysol sticky? eeew

Anonymous said...

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