Monday, November 28, 2005

did someone say party?

See I am a party girl. I am the definition of a party girl. Even when I don't feel like going out, I can easily be talked into it. Usually something so persuasive as, "Hey, you wanna go out tonight?" Which is followed with, "Um, Okay." See, some serious arm twisting there.
I need to stress the fact that I am a very safe party girl. I am safe with my life, with friends, with alcohol and with sex. This is a no brainer. I love my life. I love myself. I respect myself. Wrap that bad boy up.
On this blog I hope to have an open and honest conversation about sex and the single life. Kind of a sex and the single gal circa 2005. Well, almost 2006.
Some of the posts will be light-hearted and some will ask the big questions and ask some tough questions.
Also, I should point out that I have almost all male friends so a lot of these posts might be me trying to get a wider range of opinions based on a conversation I had with one of these friends.
Most of all though I hope to have fun and I hope to get several insights on the same thing and I want to know that I am not the only one going on bad dates, having odd sex, great sex and sex that should be celebrated and written about.

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