Monday, November 28, 2005

an invitation to a party

SO, this guy who I am "dating" (we are dating, but it is not exclusive and it's long distance so I use the term losely) invited me to a swingers party. I knew the invitation was simply a matter of time and I wasn't surprised at all by the invite. We are of like mind and have the same sexual appetite. However, I have never swung as a couple. I have only gone to swingers clubs and parties as a single. Which, to be a single swinger is such an oxymoron, isn't that just a typical Saturday night? Anyway, my main hesitiation, or really my only hesitiation, was that I had never done this with someone I knew, it was always me and who ever else joined in. I have had some bad experiences when it comes to open relationships, or when dating someone and they state they don't care what I do, go have fun they say, which always ends badly because they always cared.
So, based on past experience I declined the invite. He understood and promised to beg me until I accept the invite. I promised to keep considering it.

So here is my question: do you swing? Have you thought about it? Why did you or didn't you go through with it. And did you do it as a single or as a couple?


Kilt Trip said...

Once, as a single, and never again. I enjoy being with just one person. And, after the craziness that went on before being married(and the divorce that eventually follows), I learned that, for me at least, sex just gets better when it's with the same person over and over. Besides, I am the kind of person that gets emotionally attached to the people I sleep with. There's a lot more going on than just the physical end for me.

On a side note, how exactly did you find my blog?

Party Girl said...

I agree being with one person is far better than being with a group. Sex is easy, it's not real intimacy.

I found your blog by visiting someone's and I read your comment, followed the link to yours. Sorry, I don't remember the blog I was on. Thanks for visiting mine and I hope you come back.

Kilt Trip said...

hehe...anyone nice enough to go back and leave me a line deserves a second comment.I tracked that blog down...It was Rabit's "Two Thoughts Before the Epiphany" at

a sassy lassy, one of my favorite reads.

Anonymous said...

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