Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm sorry, is that English your speaking?

Ok, being the single gal that I am I have done the internet dating thing. I am also currently doing the internet dating thing against my better judgement.
I am a big fan of dating and getting to meet and know new people.
I am also a big fan of the English language.
With that I will say, for the love of god and for the safety of my brain and eyes please, please (really, please) do not (do NOT) use abbreviations when writing, emailing, IM'ing, or in your profile. I will think you are an idiot and move on. It will literally offend my brain and eyes.

Here is a sample of what I mean. This is an actual email I received.
The email is entitled: u

i am looking 4 sum 1 like u i am self employeed and i hate to type.

Wow. Catchy and attention grabbing isn't it. Makes me feel all tingly and fuzzy inside. Also, notice the lack of punctuation of any kind.

I decided to give him another shot.
I basically said, hey thanks. Sorry you hate to type, but since this is the only way I feel comfortable communicating with you for now, could you indulge me?

His response:
sure baby i can type u r what i am looking 4 what do u want 2 know

Wow. Again. Need I say more?

I decided I learned all I needed to and didn't respond back.

I understand that typing, not a big fan. Um, then don't be an internet dater. How the hell do you think this works?
If I send you a lengthy email, please try to respond back in a way that shows you read the email and ask some questions in regards to it.
Please, I don't expect you to be an expert when it comes to grammar. Hell, I'm an English major and I'm not an expert. However, PLEASE! Don't abbreviate, I'm in a hurry too. Learn to type faster.


Kilt Trip said...

Hehe...that doesn't just apply to internet dating, but all forms of internet communication where inportant info needs to be shared. I got a similar email from someone at another location in a company I used to work for. As an official "update" on our project. That's why condoms are so essential...to prevent people like that from spreading their filth through the gene pool, and reproducing little cro-magnon children. can't type? don't try to date in a medium that requires it.

Party Girl said...

Thank you, exactly!
Yes, it does apply to all computer/internet communication. I am also not a big fan of IM'ing, but understand sometimes it is a necisary evil. Again, I have typed the whole thing out. Notice this, please don't abbreviate.

yes, birth control very important. here is my wisdom for the day: stupid people shouldn't breed, yet it seems to be all the stupid people having all the babies.

AeroAangel said...

i often use abbreviations when i type but i got into the habit of in the last job i worked, which required it...but that guy's were simply ridiculous. you couldn't even understand it without reading it four or five times...

Ascendantlive said...

The more stupid people populating the world with cro-magnan/neanderthal types just makes it that much easier for us to take over...

Gurgo said...

In times, when books are outfashioned, information have to be spread out very fast and one can't keep path with all the news one have to learn, communication is a dying breed. But nethertheless, the way of asking a "girl" for a date says a much about a man.
I like this one most:
"You can't buy an angle, but you can meet one! When can I meet you?"

Tachae said...

oh God that was awesome. fucking idiot. im going to laugh at how guys think the caveman typing approach is hot.

eleKtrofly said...

english majors are the best lovers.

Anonymous said...

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