Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm asking you all for a favor

cause see, here's the thing. The reason why I haven't been posting and such. The reason there hasn't been any nakedness, no sex posts, not even showing off my inner dorkiness the reason why is because I haven't had an original thought to save my boobs because of school. Yep, that dreaded six letter word. School. My (insert as many four letter words as you can string together *here*)senior project is due tomorrow. Here's the thing, it's not finished. I won't go into all of the reasons why because it will just sound all whiney and complainy and well, who wants to read that? But, I'm fried, burnt, crispy, fork in both butt cheeks, I am so done, burnt out. 130 credits in two year. 100. 30. credits. in. two. years. Who does that? Well, apparently this girl. This Party Girl, no less. (There's an oxymoron just screaming to be let loose in that statement.)
No problem on it not being finished. I can have the weekend. Alrighty. Then I go defend it next Thursday in front of the entire English department at 4:10 p.m. to be exact. Thirty+ pages on the (insert as many four letter words that can be strung together *here*) American Dream and also in terms of two books that I no longer care to reference.
Okay, so, here's what I need from all of you: I need you all to be my cheerleaders over the next couple days. I need you all to tell me I can do it. I need you all to tell me I have actually learned and retained something over the past 130 credits and two years and $50k spent with interest still multiplying times infinity for the next 20 years. I need you to tell me I can do it. I need you to tell me that this post isn't cheesy and sad and pathetic or point out all the errors and how much it doesn't make sense, or hold it against me in the months, years, and pitchers of beer and glasses of pink vodka to come. I am my worst critic, my toughest competition, my worst enemy. See, cause here's the thing, a little somethin'-somethin' about me: I don't ask for help. I don't admit that I'm freaking out about something until the problem has resolved itself, I don't admit I might not succeed or be able to follow through. I don't do that. No, no, no. The best motivation a person can unwittingly give me is to tell me I can't do something, that I'll fail. *Don't do that in this case* That will not motivate me. I think I would simply cave into defeat and say, "Yep. You're right. I suck." And I wouldn't be referring to my head giving abilities. Even now as I type this I think it's pathetic. But that's what blogdom is for, right? To rally the troops, to bitch, moan, whine, tell people things we don't tell to those around us, show body parts...? Yeah, that's what this is. So, yeah. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooo Team!

....I'll be better in a few days. I promise.


Oh, here's the best part: I can't even work on the bloomin' (*here*) paper on this (*here*) computer cause I forgot to (*here*) update my Word because I was on the trial- basis- free-until-I-have-to-buy-it-Microsoft Office, which expired today. Yahhhhh!

Ew, vodka.

Ew, sex toys.

Gotta go.


wavslidn said...

You can do it - I have faith in you! Only a couple more days and then you are all done. Just remember, it is all worth it!

After you are done, you can show your boobs to me - it will help you recover!

HST said...

I know you can do it! you know how i know you can do it? Because I did it. because I procrastinated and turned in my senior thesis 3 hours before it was due. it will work, please just know this. you are smart and hardworking, and you have integrity and also you are hot!

HST said...

I know you can do it! you know how i know you can do it? Because I did it. because I procrastinated and turned in my senior thesis 3 hours before it was due. it will work, please just know this. you are smart and hardworking, and you have integrity and also you are hot!

HST said...

Sorry about the double posting....i'm click happy from my eggnog latte.


Party Girl said...

ah, thanks!

One of my best gays is also doing his senior thesis right now and rumor has it the dept. is asking if some us wouldn't mind delaying until spring. Not for any other reason than there are a lot of people graduating and they don't feel they can review all of the papers.

(Stupid heads)

Seeing as how I'm not graduating in December as originally planned, I may just wait until spring.

I'll get back to everyone.

Scott and Lynne said...

Don't worry PG. We won't expect any posts out of you if you need to get this project finished this weekend. No one really doubts that you'll be able to pull it off. You'll be fine. But I do have a favor: when you're done can you give me some advice in regards to how to manage all these classes successfully? I'm in over my head, and given that I'm 31 and have just started, I'd like to get through it as quickly as possible. You obviously have some secret formula that's working for you. -Lynne

Baron Ectar said...

You know what - you are one hell of a woman. There are many out there that could not do what you have done in 10 years of their lives!

I will cheer with POM POMS but there is no way in hell I am wearing a skirt!

ptg said...

you can do it! you're smart, you're beautiful, and gosh darn it, bloggers like you. (how's that for inspirational?!)

seriously - i've been through it twice (undergrad & grad) and even though every time it SUCKS, it's worth it in the end.

rah rah, party girl!

Karl said...

You can do it, gorgeous. Even if I'm hardly online lately, I have the utmost faith in you.

Phollower said...

Gimme a "P"... "P!"
Gimme an "A"... "A!"
Gimme an "R"... "R!"
Gimme a "T"... "T!"
Gimme a "Y"... "Y!"

What's that spell?
Who's it for?
Party Girl
I said, "WHO'S IT FOR?"

I'd do it in the skirt if you wanted me to. But then again I'm freaky like that. And because I'd like you to get back to the nekkidness.

Pyrhonik said...

If anyone can do it YOU can!

You are a quirky chick but in that brilliant magnetizing kind of way that brings people to you for fun and good times. You are also particularly intelligent and I have developed a faith in you. That you know stuff, the kind of stuff that is worth knowing just for the sake of knowing it. But you also have some profound offerings in between the entertainment. So all in all, I think you're a winner and you CAN do anything you set out to!

Absolutely :)

limpy99 said...

Your good enough, your smart enough, and goshdarnit, people like you!!!

Me and Stuart Smalley send best wishes.

Egan said...

Go Party Girl!! How are things coming along? You making any progress? Go PG!!

Bre said...

You can do it! If I can pull 40+ pages out of my ass on two poems for mine, you can do it for yours! It beats you up and it stressed you out, on that I won't lie, but the feeling of being completely done? That's almost better than sex.