Monday, November 06, 2006

Power of One: You

Now, go vote.


Johnny Menace said...

would you like to buy my vote?

Egan said...

Voting is so damn important, yet only 50-60% of registered voters will cast a ballot. So sad.

Party Girl said...

Two things I can get on a real soapbox about: abortion and voting.

However, even I didn't want to vote today.

Here's what changed my mind.

I was so sick of politics and politicians and he said/she said b.s., and the, 'thou protesteth too much' but I am so sorry for what I have sinned about crap that has been all over the place for the past several months.
The Democrates getting on a bandwagon over the Republicans, the Republicans tearing the Democrats apart....all of it, that truly, the thought of voting, what was the point in one person going to cast one vote?

My absentee ballot sat on my kitchen table, unopened, for over a month, I kept telling myself I would send it in by the deadline, the deadline was Saturday as it had to be post-marked by Monday.
Still it sat on my kitchen table.

I told myself I would vote after work today. But, honestly, I wasn't sure.

Then last night a co-worker sent me a video that completely changed everything.


I was inspired.
One person can make a difference.
If I didn't vote today, I couldn't live with myself.

I got up early, took in my unopened absentee ballot, waited in line, cast my vote, I was #87 at my polling station to do so, and came in late to work.

It felt awesome.
One person who set aside their cynicism for a moment and believed in the country and Democracy again.

Let's hope I still feel the same way tomorrow.

Party Girl said...

Here's the link that got me to change my mind: (Part 1) (Part 2)

limpy99 said...

C'mon, I just got done voting for American Idol. How much more must I do?

Egan said...
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Egan said...

PG - you've posted many very interesting things on your blog. Some have been deeply personal and then this one is a link. I thank you for provided that story. It's nice to see someone finally speaking up about this. You think Keith will lose his job for this one?

I'm glad this video swayed you to vote. It's so important to vote and not just every four years. Now I'm all fired up. I better go for a swim.

Egan said...

Wow, I was about to get in your face about not voting. I have to watch the YouTube thing. I believe everyone's vote does matter as we're pretty fortunate to have the right to vote. Let me take a gander at the movie. Thank you for voting!

(deleted this comment as I noticed a typo. I made this comment before watching the YouTube goodie)

Jay said...

PG: The current political climate forces us to actually take the time and learn who the candidates are. They are too busy telling you why you shouldn't vote for their opponent to tell you about themselves. But without such knowledge, we are at the politicians mercy. Smart voters breed smart candidates.

Egan: To touch upon two of your points: Voter turnout would be higher if our government would make voting easier. The largest voting bloc in this country is... anyone, anyone... the AARP,(American Association of Retired Persons,)with 30 million members. Why do politicians pay heed to their biddings? Because old people vote, every time. Retirees have more to lose by having the government not paying attention to them and, more importantly, they have a LOT more free time than you and I! What's the answer to getting more voters involved? The state of Oregon has the answer: Vote By Mail. All registered voters in Oregon get a ballot two weeks before the election and have until a designated time to have those ballots,(which are sealed in an envelope within an envelope,) either postmarked or dropped off at an official drop-off site. Oregon's voter turnout this year: 84%!!!!!

And to answer your question about Keith Olbermann: His show on MSNBC has seen its ratings TRIPLE in the last two months!!!

Keith's not going anywhere! :)

Egan said...

Jay, thanks for the insight. We're on the same page here. I'm happy his ratings have tripled since this 10 minute editorial of his. Good for him for having the balls to speak his mind.

I live in a state neighboring Oregon so I hear all about the mail-in ballots. It's very hard to argue with 84%. I'm not a huge fan of the mail in ballots, but if they increase voter turnout that much... bring it on.

I love your point about how the current system forces us to learn the issues. I do agree with this. If I see a political ad talking about freedom of speech becoming compromised, I will study up the issue. Thanks Jay.

Old Man Crowder said...

Nice one, PG.

So simple. So powerful.

Party Girl said...

Oh, I do love a good discussion.

First: I apologize for any typos or hard to read sentences as I am in the middle of a migraine.

Okay: For lack of voter turnout in the youngins, see last Friday's post. It goes with what Jay was talking about, young voters aren't catered to, therefore they don't feel they matter, because essentially, they don't.
So Sad.

Are they every going to feel like they matter? Are they ever going o care? Only time will tell.

I heard all kinds of excuses today in regards to reasons why they may or may not find the time to make it to the ballot box.

For my part I wrote a friendly, power of one message on all the white boards I could find today as a reminder that every vote matters.

As for my man Keith, jesus, if the media has any brain at all, I hope not.
If he does see that his job is in jeopardy, may he say what needs to be said to those people in charge of his paycheck.

As far as voter turnout, I'm sorry, but how much easier can we, or should we, make it? A polling station in every neighborhood, absentee ballots, which I had never done before and don't think I will take the option again. I like going to the polls. Truly, it is an emotinal experience for me. However, I had a phone call several times in regards to that absentee ballot reminding me of the deadline and the need to mail it in ASAP.
We have people who will pick people up and take them to the polls. News coverage inregards to the hours and polling stations, websites of where your polling station is, ect. ect. ect.
When weather can determine voter turnout, I'm sorry, how lazy, how pathetic, how apathetic, how very American. How sad.
If other countries are willing to walk miles, days, through a desert to cast a ballot not to mention those who have given their lives for the right for us to do so?


Again, two subjects I can truly get on a soapbox about...that is just a few suds over how I feel about the right and power of voting.
So, if I can feel that passionate over voting imagine how disgusted I must have been over the past several weeks if I was actually considering not making my voice heard.
I gave my co-worker a hearty thank you this morning for sending me the link last night to kick my butt into gear.

Egan said...

That's exactly what I was thinking. If you are this passionate how could you have contemplated not voting? Thankfully you made your way to the polls. I am the same way, I like the feeling of going in person.

I think the youth thing is tricky. Most under 25 are either working full time, students, or partying full time. This presents some challenges. I know I moved a few times during college so the updating your voter's registration a bit of a pain, but I made it work. I will bet many don't vote because they aren't sure where or they're still registered where the spent their first 18 years.

The votes of the youth do matter and their are issues important to them just as there are issues important to a mid 30s married man. It's all about education.

Man, I better shut up. We all seem to agree on this subject. I just had to get it off my chest. Take care everyone!

GirlGoyle said...

Wish I could. Aliens not allowed to vote...we are obliged to pay taxes and abide by rules and pay out social security that we will never benefit from...but not allowed to vote. Nice!

Steven Novak said...

I didn't vote.

Still my friend? ;)


ePixie29 said...

PG-Thank goodness you feel like me! I love voting and think it is so important and try to get people to understand its power, yet so few do.

I also get on a soapbox to people who complain but do nothing about it. There were a lot of people like that around me this election time and all I could say was, Oh Wait, You don't want your opinion to count. After all you didn't vote and for gods sake, arent even registered!

Egan said...

Steven, do you mind sharing why you didn't vote? I'm just curious why people decide against it. Thanks.