Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Merry Christmas!

...and to all a good night with someone to spoon!

Okay, so I know it's early, but I plan a boycott of my computer from 3:00 today until sometime next week. Not sure which day the boycott will end so I wanted to get my wishes for love, tenderness, adoration, heavy petting, and (*cough*) presents in today.

I hope it is everything, anything, all that, and then some, and in whatever shape or form you want it to be in, on the Big Day for all of you. Cause, I think you're all the most bestest!

As for myself, I plan to meet with my "mentor" tomorrow morning way too bright and way too early at 10 a.m. I called to remind him of our appointment mere hours ago and well, it was a good thing I did. Yeah, nothing like driving an hour to one there...
Then I plan to boycott anything that has a keyboard and screen attached to it yet to be determined.
I have a, stepping stone present project for the 'rents to finish up that is causing a large mess in my living room, a.k.a library, a.k.a art room a.k.a dining room right now that my vacuum will love and adore me for. Then I plan to leave the said art table up until way past the new year cause I plan to get down and dirty in the paint. (Yes, please take that in any way you wish.)
I have a couple drink dates next week. (I am NOT moving on from Mr. London. I'm just trying to be less cynical and checking out what's around the corner. Cause, who the hell knows. I mean, have you met me? Okay, so you haven't, but play along.)
I have a shitload of manuscripts ready to go to the publishers. C'mon, rejection letters.
I also have a, big ugly comfy couch with my name written all over it and lots of mindless TV coming my way.
Movies. Lots of movies and popcorn in my future, also.
Vodka. Can't forget my love for the fermented potatoes.
And a new year to ring in. Perferably with a man attatched to my lips (or other parts) when I do so.

Oh yeah. I guess I should have mentioned. I have the next several days (14 days (including the weekends), but whose counting?) off from work. And thank god for that, cause this Party Girl is tired. Tired, tired, tired. I am emotionally drained, brain fatigued, and way too cynical for my own perpetualy perky self right now. So, I need a break.

May you all enjoy yours and may Santa be kind to all of you. I've already sent him my, "Oh, please. Do I really need to explain all of that?" letter. I am hoping for understanding, but not forgiveness.


Baron Ectar said...

Party Girl -

Merry Christmas to you and enjoy your time off.

So glad to see you coming back around you were missed!

puerileuwaite said...


puerileuwaite said...

Oh, and Merry Christmas, you sexy dashing vixen who goes blitzen' through my erotic version of XMAS!

(Sorry, I wanted to use all of the reindeers' names, but I could only rmember Donner after that ...)

AeroAangel said...

well glad to hear you have a break...i have a break right now too from bct...just wanted to wish you a merry christmas as well. also...i don't know who this mr. london is but perhaps i'll be able to catch up and read about him in previous entries soon. love yas

AeroAangel said...

and for the other guy...
P"something or other"

comet cupid dancer and prancer are the other reindeer names you left off and rudolph if you're feeling froggy.

puerileuwaite said...

Thank you Aero.

Karl said...

Merry Christmas, gorgeous. Hope it was a happy day.

Malnurtured Snay said...

I wanted Santa to give me someone to spoon with, a Russian mail-order bride, a Tennessee prostitute, whatever; instead, I got a vacuum cleaner. It sucked so I traded it in towards a Dyson, and now I'm becoming a vacuum happy horny male. Bah.

Party Girl said...

Baron: Thanks, I hope yours was great as well. I am coming around. I've still shed a few tears, but I'm back.

P: I hope yours was awesome, Pug.
That's okay, you got the important one: Vixen.

Aero: Glad and nice to see you again! I also saw yor note on my other blog. I had a feeling you'd give me a hard time. No snow, no pics.

Karl: I hope yours was nice, handsome and I hope Santa was kind to you.

Snay: No, Russian bride? What about a White Russian or Russian vodka??