Thursday, May 03, 2007

inner dork: New York, Greece, and Boston

(oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm so excited!) (Why? Well, it is Inner Dork Thursday.)

Did you know…

New York:
There are 6,374 miles of streets in New York and 578 miles of waterfront? (I plan to walk (almost) every mile of it.)
John Hertz, who founded the Yellow Cab Company in 1907, chose the color yellow because of a study by the University of Chicago stating that yellow was the most recognizable color.
Bronx was named after Jonas Bronck who was one of the first to settle here in 1636, the Bronx officially became a borough in 1898.
Brooklyn: The Dutch were the first to settle there in 1640. Today Brooklyn is the largest of the boroughs.
Staten Island: Was originally discovered by Florentine explorer G. Da Verrazano.

Greece: Ah, I’m going to make you go to the link: It’s all Greek! I mean, it’s Greece, the factoids are long, varied, and numerous. Its been around awhile.

Boston Common was the first public park in the US (1634.)
Revere Beach was the first public beach in the US (1896.)
Boston is referred as the “Cradle of Liberty.”
Boston Public Library was established in 1848 and was the first publicly funded municipal library in the US. It was the first to lend a book and to have a branch library.

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