Tuesday, May 01, 2007

No, concentration. No, attention span. No, concentration. No, attention span. No...

...what was I sayin'?

Last final and class of my undergrad career: Thursday night.

Days to finalize my independent study project: Two. Today and tomorrow. Of course, the web won't let me make any changes to the said project.

Last day of work: Thursday.

Leaving for the trip of a lifetime: Saturday. Early (very early) a.m.

Number of days to get ready for trip of a lifetime: One. Friday.

Yeah. I am so ADHD right now.

Ball, huge ball, of nervous and stressed energy.

Huge. Ball. Of. A.D.H.D. Energy.

Now. What was I sayin'?


Bre said...

You were saying that before you left you planned on sending me some chocolate. Duh.


egan said...

Congrats on finishing your undergrad stuff. You got a lot going on. Have a great May.

GirlGoyle said...

I'm excited for the trip and I'm not even going! All you need for greece is sandals, bathing suit and a TON of sun block. Rock on! It's well deserved.

Party Girl said...

Bre: Duh. Of course. Now, would you like: milk, dark, white, plain, with nuts, without, fancy, or domestic, or who the hell cares, it's chocolate, chocolate?

egan: My May will be spectacular!

GG: Full details on the trip and such will be posted on Thursday..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

limpy99 said...

I dunno, I wasn't listening either.

Michi said...

Congrats on getting undergrad under the belt! Lucky you, almost done! I'll in the boat for about a month longer, bleh ;P My concentration and focus are quickly running out...bad, bad case of senioritis.