Tuesday, May 01, 2007

the delicious warm humid air

There are many things I love about the start of warm weather:
Bare legs.
Fun summer shoes.
The first beginnings of sun-kissed skin.
Bare feet.
Raising my face up to the sun to catch a few extra rays.
Driving with the windows rolled down and my hair blowing this way and that.
Blinking and suddenly realizing everything is clean, crisp, green, and the brightest shade of blue.
The smell of freshly mowed grass.
Leaving my car behind and walking to and fro.
Working out in my summer solace and getting my hands dirty planting this summer's crop of flowers and vegetables.
Putting on last year's swimsuit and realizing I look better this year than last.
The smell of sweat and sex in the air.

Last night I realized there is something else I love about summer.

Leaving Small Private College in my Mustang with the windows rolled down and old school Beastie Boys spinning in the CD player I am making my way home when a car of four young college boys meet up with me on the four lane highway. They pass me with ease and I can tell they feel victorious.
I can't let that feeling last for them.
I then pass them with ease.
They call sweet names to me out their window.
I stare straight ahead on the night road, the full moon guiding my way, as a sly smile crosses my lips.
We then play a fun game of, who can pass who.
They try to pass me on the hill.
I push down on the gas ever so slightly.
They try to pass me on the curves.
I accelerate.
The stay behind me for several miles.
They think they have an opening.
But to no avail, I again, accelerate slightly.
I let them pass me when I have to switch to another highway.
Cat-calls and whops and hollers travel from their open windows and into the lovely night air.
With a smile on my face, the beautiful moon in front of me and the Beastie Boys telling me there will be no sleep 'till Brooklyn I make my way home and realize summer is indeed in the air.


TrappedInColorado said...

You are a blatant highway tease!! I know your kind. Frustratingly titillating. Ofcourse, you would have had to accelerate much more than a little to keep me behind you. A well dressed gentleman in a really really nice car... you would have been accelerating to meet up with me! ;) Ok.. I lie. It's only a really nice car.

limpy99 said...

I so would have bump drafted your ass off the road.

"No sleep 'til Brooklyn" is probably my favorite Beastie Boys song. Although to be fair, it's really the only one I ever liked anyway.

Party Girl said...

Trapped: Yes. Yes, I am. But a cute one.

Limpy: I am surprised they went as long as they did.
I think all of my NASCAR watching is paying off.

"Paul's Boutique" by far..by far my favorite album of theirs.
Yes. I said, album even though it is a CD.

GirlGoyle said...

Summer = ice cream. That's all I have for you today.