Monday, May 21, 2007

world traveler of airports

After two glorious weeks, I am back. Sadly. I can't believe I actually packed my bags and came home. Seriously.
I had an amazing, amazing time.
The first words after, "Welcome home, World Traveler" from my brothers and sister-in-law was, "...did you get laid?" I don't know whether to find those words, disturbing or telling. Either way, I didn't answer it. To which they all noticed. I will say that a single gal in Greece doesn't stay single for very long. The men are interesting to say the least, and I sadly discovered that Greek moves are the same as American moves. I'm pretty sure the first English words they learn are: "You are very beautiful, come back to my apartment, and I can drive you home." (Just a guess.) I received one marriage proposal, more hilarious than romantic, and learned to say, "I need to ask my husband." to the local male perveyors of shops who wanted to bargain and sell me their wears.

New York was fun. The weather wasn't the greatest when I was there, but I had a blast nonetheless. The Yankee game was cold, but a good time. I actually hurt my foot the first day of my trip. Something about walking from my hotel on E 51st all the way to 42nd street, all through Time Square and Broadway, back again and onto some side streets. However, I didn't let it stop me or slow me down during my trip. I walked everywhere and anywhere in all places and enjoyed every glorious and delicious second of it.

Mykonos was amazing and breathtakingly beautiful and my hotel was literally right on the beach. Man, that was tough. By far my favorite place on the trip.

Santorini was marvelous and I climbed to the top of a volcano and dove into the cold, cold sea without a second thought of the temperature or of what might be swimming underneath me.

Athens was big and bustling. Frustrating moment: the metro was on strike my second day there so I hoofed it from one end to the other...literally.

Boston is my kind of town and I need to go back this summer when the weather is nicer. (Very cold and rainy.) Fenway Park and Red Sox fans, what to say, but I loved every freezing second of it.
I found the town to be very laid back, very welcoming, and I drank a few pints in the hopes that it would warm me up. You know the theory: cold beer, warm thoughts.

After seventeen airports, nineteen planes (two planes were broken. If it is between a delay or flying in a broken plane, I will take the delay every time.)(That figure it no exaggeration. Seriously, it was that many. I was SO very sick of my luggage and security.) A odd moment with security in Frankfurt, in which I think the guard was sad I didn't die. Four hundred and seventy-two pictures I am still uploading onto my flickr account, and many misadventures, and many stories to tell, I am already dreaming of my next trip abroad. However, Greece and the islands are still very much in my heart and in my mind. Truly, truly wonderful. Absolutely my solace.

I will post more and tell some of the stories and post the pictures in the very near future.
My summer is already proving interesting and it will only become more so as it passes through the heat and humidity of the next several warm and breezy days and nights.


Bre said...

Welcome back! We sure missed you around here! :)

I can't wait to hear about your adventures (and see pictures!!!)

GirlGoyle said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!! Good to have you back. Total surprise to see your post. Wow do two weeks fly. Especially when packed with travel like yours. I bet the traveling part sucked. Seems like it is becoming more difficult as time passes instead of becoming simpler. anyway....looking forward to your stories!

puerileuwaite said...

So, DID you get laid?

Jay said...

I will pose the same question as puerileuwaite and say that it's nice to have you back, even though that quite honestly if it were me, I wouldn't have come home. :-)

Joefish said...

Nineteen planes? Holy fuckbuckets.

limpy99 said...

Glad you're back. I'm fairly sure if I was on 19 planes in two weeks I'd be spending the next six months vacationing in an insane asylum, but good for you.

Party Girl said...

Bre: I missed my soft bed and my big (normal sized) shower, other than that...not much.
I am getting the pics uploaded as fast as flickr will let me.

GG: Fastest two weeks of my entire life. Truly.

P: I didn't dine alone more than twice. Again, A single gal doesn't stay single for long. Many good times, many stories, many lovely locals.

Jay: Every time the wind kisses my face I imagine I am back on the islands.

Joe: NO, shit. No shit. I was more sick of my luggage than anything.

Limpy: I just tried really hard not to think about it and by the end, the planes, the security were all no big deal. I'm certainly doing a best and worst of: airports when I'm done.

TrappedInColorado said...

Major contributors get a private showing of the pics right? :) Welcome back.

Tom Serafini, Actor to the Stars! said...

Yeah had a good time, great. Still hurt you never bothered to think of your favorite NYC actor when you were in his neighborhood. I'll get over it. Really. Soon. Yup.

appletini said...

I am so happy that you had a great time. I am DYING to go to Greece!

Reenner said...

Welcome back. I look forward to your stories about Greece.

HippieChyck said...

i'm totally thinking about Greece for my birthday in October - do you think it would be great any time of year?