Tuesday, June 19, 2007

my big, big day

Friday was my big, big day. My interview for grad school, duh. Don't you guys pay attention? Sheesh.
So, I took the day off work, something I never do, had a leisurely morning (what's that?) and then drove up to Medium State U (whoo-hoo!) Stopped at my friend's house (So cool. So married.) and then he went with me to show me where the office and buildings were located.
My big, big interview consisted of: "You have really impressive credentials and we are very happy to have you in our program. We look forward to you joining us in the fall." (Camera turns to focus on me looking like a drunk girl caught in the headlights of an oncoming car and suddenly realizes my mouth is agape. Shut mouth. Say, thank you and I'm looking forward to it as well.)
Twenty minutes later and I am told what classes I need to take (!) and that I need to talk to the Political Science department to register for two of them because pre-reqs are required, but they are waiving those for me. (Yippee!)
I walk over, register for my classes (13 credits this fall. Eck! Four grad and one undergrad (pre-req, not waived. Poop stain.) my friend gives me a tour of campus and I am off to look at housing.

The grad housing left me feeling dirty and needing a shower in a most desperate and not in a good fun way. More in a, holy hell! They expect me to live in this?!?!?! Type of way. One is about 460 sq ft (for a two-bedroom) and the entire thing is made from cement block (inside and out. Think GI Bill, post WWII, housing.) One is affectionately referred to as "the ant farm" cause that is what it resembles and pretty much how I felt after being inside. (Dirty and crawly.) After being really disappointed with all I decided to look at one that I had no desire to see. Of course. It is awesome. The biggest, cleanest, and when I saw the walk in closet in the master bedroom and I heard the angles sing. (Okay, the angels were me, but still.)

After walking around perusing the town and looking at places I could apply for employment come August, (bars, resturants, art stores, coffee shops, bars, bars, bars, coffee shops) I was feeling pretty good. A night of sitting on the porch drinking beer and talking about all things interesting, political, sexual, asinine, and worldly with my friend; I decided life is pretty good. (Then he told me his wife (who is in China) didn't know I would be staying the night and that he lied to her about me leaving and I was feeling awkward.) Several comments about getting naked and that I should stay in his bed because my room may be too hot, and I wasn't happy with the awkwardness.) (When I told him about my female lovin'- that probably didn't help the situation.)

I came home late Saturday afternoon and went to a family BBQ where no one asked me anything about my big, big weekend. (Whoo.) Wait, my sister-in-law asked me about the housing.(!) Yep. That was it. My mom asked me about my trip literally as I was leaving. (Special.) Not a word was asked until Monday afternoon when my mom called me at work. Aaaand I told her I felt about the lack of asking. She apologized and then asked me all kinds of things. Needless to say, (Why do we say that? If it's needless to say, then just leave it out of the sentence. Note to self.) I have gotten more kudos of awesomeness from all of you and from the people I work with than I have my family. (love, you) But, so it goes.
I go back up this Friday to look at a couple of apartments (hope, hope that they are awesome and what I want.) (Oh, because I am on the wait list for the grad housing where I heard the angels and the chances of me getting into them by August is slim to none.)
So, I have school all lined-up; now I just need shelter and a way to pay for the shelter and all the bills that come with the shelter and it will be all good. Between now and August 11th. That would be awesome.


HST said...

Way to go girl! all i did was stay up way too late having sex. But, I'm sure you can appreciate that too. So excited for you!!

ptg said...

YAY FOR YOU!!! [claps all around]

You rock PG -- so incredibly proud even though I barely know you. You're so gonna rock that midwestern town, they're not going to know what hit em.

Party Girl said...

hst: Sex? What's that?
My friend finally got the hint about his comments and the fact that I wasn't receiprocating. I told him, no need to stop. it's the only action I'm getting right now..."

ptg: Ahhhhhhhhhhh, thanks! I am very much looking forward to the move and a change. I am very much looking forward to the new challenges and rewards and what life will bring me in the next two years.
I am very much looking forward to the new meat. Um, I mean, the men who I will find intellectually stimulating. (Or at least stimulating in some way.)

GirlGoyle said...

Grad housing sux. It got so bad I was calling the resident assistant every day and when that didn't work I began to call maintenance department directly. I got to be so familiar with them that the school offered me a job as a resident director for the grad housing - ya can't wait to handle calls such as mine. no thanks. You are better off living in regular apartments...besides, they are way cheaper than grad housing as college is an educational facility with financial ends.