Saturday, November 29, 2008

and now, a break

So, I am interrupting my incredibly productive homework paper writing session (not sarcasm) to write a post. (So many papers to go, so little time left in the semester.) (Oh, not sure if I mentioned this, but two professors gave me an extension on two of my papers. Thank you, a million and eight, thank yous.)

As much as I was not looking forward to coming home, boy am I glad to be home and boy, do I not want to go back to my apartment. (I can't imagine why)(sarcasm.)

Wednesday afternoon I stopped into old place of employment to say hello to those I miss and love. They still miss and love me, too. Ah, nice.

Later in the afternoon I came home, did a large amount of laundry (sad that at 34 I am still bringing my dirty clothes home?) and spent some time with the moms cooking and talking. Nice.

Thursday I cooked (a large portion of the meal, good for my soul) and gained about 8.6 pounds (pretty sure it was all in carbs.)

Friday mom and I decorated the house while Papa decorated the outside of the house.

Last night was spent working on an art project (old t-shirts, cut into strips, braided together, then take the braids and sew them together until a purse/bag is formed.) (It should be finished by the time my grandkids graduate from college.)

Saturday was spent shopping around Target (or, I looked and moms shopped) along with a gazillion and two hundred other people. Oy.

Tonight, I am going out with one of my former employees from former place of employment for dinner and drinks. (We care more about the drinks than the eats) (and my body is screaming, yelling, begging for something green and in the vegetable category), but I am also looking for the sit long and talk much that she and I do so well. She is old enough to be my mother, and old hippie and cool as hell and great at listening and not judging.

Tomorrow, another former employee, now a kind friend, and I are going for coffee. Both of these friends have had a strong tone with me regarding all that has gone on with me and for not calling them or telling them about any of it prior to this week. Yeah, well....

Tomorrow in the late afternoon I will be heading home. I am not looking forward to it. Can't imagine why.(sarcasm) I also have not been sleeping; this is even with two sleeping pills and an anxiety pill; again, I can't image why.

On a completely unrelated front: I have brought my Cost-Benefit Analysis grade up from a D+ at mid-term to a C as of today. I really want to end the semester with a B. Here's hoping.

I hope all of you had a great Turkey Day and are filled to the top with beige carb deliciousness and warm feelings from family and friends.


Jay said...


... carb... overload...

...zzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!! ;-)

Party Girl said...

Jay: whew! For a second I thought you were saying I put you asleep with my post!

Yes, major carb overload. And sugar. And alcohol, which is really just liquid more carbs....

it was a nice holiday, though. I hope yours was as well.

Joke said...

The warm feeling is pretty much the L-Tryptophan.

If there is anything better than collapsing into a heap for a nap, I have yet to encounter it.

megan colleen said...

Hi again...
I'm going to add you to my reading list so I may pop in with random comments. If i may comment on the more serious part about not sleeping? I've gone through multiple victimizations especially in my 20s... Raped, Stalked, abused.. you get the picture. Anyway, I just know that sleep is where I always feel most vulnerable.

Anytime I feel unsafe in my own home I end up having night terrors which don't normally happen to me. It's the ones that I wake up sitting up right in bed practically screaming and looking frantically for my dog. I always look for my dog because he is the most valuable thing/person in my life... and he's the one thing I'm most scared about losing.

Sleeping pils can sometimes combat it, but they also can cause me to get trapped in my dreams because I can't force myself awake. So I end up balancing against the two - needing sleep, needing security - which do you choose?

Have you tried relaxation exercises before tumbling into bed? Like laying on the floor and just breathing deeply letting each worry go one by one, then just sinking into the floor body part by body part? That helps me on occasion when my stress is particularily bad. It keeps my mind from obsessing in my sleep... or well.. obsessing less. ;)

Good luck in regaining your balance. It is the hardest part when all is said and done. Anxiety is one hell of a tightrope to walk.

GirlGoyle said...

Laundry and shopping is what Mom's look forward to during the holidays. Might as well take advantage of it while you can! :)