Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the sense of entitlement

Many of my fellow classmates have this idea of what constitutes "their job" within their current employment. The idea that their boss tells them to do something (duties as assigned) that they feel/believe is beneath them.


I've had a million and two odd and various jobs; nothing was or is beneath me. There might have been things I did not want to, or did not care to do, but beneath me, no.

This also plays into the current job market and the impending graduation. I would love to get my dream job, with my dream salary, in my dream city, and have life be all daydreams and daisies.
The reality is, I am planning to move back home for at least the summer until a job pans out. Even if I do have a job upon graduation, I will still be living at home for at least the summer. (assuming job is in home city.)

However, I am prepared for no job, no income, no dream. I am well prepared to take a job at Starbucks, as a janitor cleaning toilets, or working as a fry cook in the local greasy spoon and any number of various dry good and sundry jobs that come with money.

My fellow classmates do not have this same perspective or reality. Job cleaning toilets? Job making $10 an hour (with any luck)..?!?!? Absolutely not.
Granted many of these classmates have parents who are willing, able, and happy to take care, pay for, and supplement any income for.
I do not. My parents are willing to help me out, live at home "rent free" (rent will be paid in chores) and helping out financially in other ways until I have an income coming in, but I can guarantee that they, as well as I, expect me to get a job of some kind (if available) and contribute in some form.
This would be the same idea of something I posted about a few years ago: I did not have a summer job, I had a job. (gee golly gosh, I've been in the work force (legally) for 20 years. (illegally) for 26 (thanks, babysitting.)

So. Where did this sense, idea, of entitlement come from and more importantly, how can we make it go away?


PorkStar said...

Well sometimes you've got to do what you've gotta do... in my case for instance, I've had to ask my mom for a little help sometimes, or to stay home for a few days. Totally sucks being a grown up.

ptg said...

If you ever find out HOW people got this sense, let me know too. Because I can't figure it out at all.

Old Man Crowder said...

I think the only way the sense of entitlement goes away is through experience.

I graduated university with an Honours Bachelor degree. Right away I got a job in my field, so I was king of the world. And then my boss made me sort nuts and bolts. Seriously. I bitched and moaned to everyone who would listen. My pride had taken such a hit, it wasn't even funny.

That was 10 years ago. I don't sort nuts and bolts anymore, but I look back now and realize it was simply a stepping stone to better things.