Thursday, December 01, 2005

thought of the day

I find it amuseing when there are two single people who bitch to each other that there aren't any decent single people out there.
I had this conversation with a guy the other day. He says he doesn't want to date right now. Yet, the whole time he was saying this he was also saying that there aren't any girls he wants to date and there aren't any good fits for him out there right now for him to even consider.
I was telling him my frustrations with dating. The fact that the person across from me doesn't know how to have a conversation, they look nothing like their picture on their profile, they presented themselves one way beforet and are a different way within a couple of dates, it's long distance, time, ect. The ususal stuff we all encounter.
Finally, I interrupted the conversation to point out that we are both single and yet we are bitching to each other about what's out there. Um, do you see the irony? He did. But, were not each others type. Too funny.
The singledoom continues........

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Kilt Trip said...

That's too funny. And not the first set of singles I've heard that from. In fact, Aeroangel and I are both single, hang out a lot, and will probably hit that point when we bitch about it eventually too. Life is full of irony though.