Friday, April 27, 2007

Karma, she's a bitch

Karma, she's a cold one. She can be a cold, cold bitch. So, remember this: about my "friend" Yeah. Her ass was 86'd yesterday. Interesting. It's pretty hard to get fired from where I work. It's also pretty hard to get on the bad side of my boss. She not only managed to do one of those, but both and many more. I've gotten the flip side of all the stories she told me from the people at work. I've also found out why and how she managed to basically 86 her own ass. Wow. I really need to pay attention to my gut and my intuition. She is a woman with issues. Several subscriptions worth.

On a happy note: the students gave me a surprise graduation party yesterday! Color me feeling loved. You know, when I am able to see the trees for the forest, life is good. Life is really pretty sweet.


ptg said...

Wow...well she certainly got her "just desserts" wouldn't you say!? It's horrible you had to go through what you went through, but at least you weren't dragged down with her.

And yay on the grad party - you deserve it!!

puerileuwaite said...

Wow. I'd better not cross you, lady.

Bre said...

I am so glad she got what was coming to her!

GirlGoyle said...

Screw her. Glad you saw her for what she was.

Party Girl said...

ptg: The side of the stories to what she was telling me compared to the sides that I got an earful of on Friday? Wow, she was living in her own reality. I feel like such an idiot for believing her and for being her friend. Oh, well. At least I figured it out in time. However, it makes me wonder even more about the whole, "found" Mr. London's things and what not. Ugh. Not going to think about it.

P: I've always said, "I'd hate to be the person I'm mad at." I choose my battles, but when I decide to out.
However, she did this all on her own. All on her own.

Bre: She essentially got herself fired. I guess she wrote our boss a really nasty email after her last reprimand. How stupid. When I found that out, sympathy was gone.

GG: Yes, yes I did and thankfully in time.

appletini said...

Karma is a bitch, but usually a well deserved one :)
Congrats on your graduation!

Michi said...

whoa, what'd she do? Give the juice!