Thursday, April 17, 2008

inner dork: all things random about, me!

Not only is today Inner Dork, it's also my birthday, I know! How lucky am I? Huh? How? Oh, so, very, that's how.

Today I am 34. I can't believe it either. I am still so shiney and fabulous I just can't stand it.

So, in honor of inner dork and in honor of me, today will be all things random and having to do with, well, me.

I was born at 2:30 a.m. (I started out as a night owl and I have remained a night owl)

I was very sick as an infant. I spent many months in and out of the hospital. At one point, due to rheumatic fever, I believe, they did not think I would be able to see, walk, or talk. (Hmm, stupid white men in lab coats, what do they know, I showed them.)

I will take a brownie, just plain, no need to interfere with the chocolate, over sugar any day.

I don't really care for sweets. Or pop. Or anything sugary.

I will take a bagel over a brownie.

I believe cheese makes everything better and there can never be too much of it on anything.

I am currently reading "Where the Domino Fell" about the Vietnam war beginning in the 1800's to 1995. Interesting, but hard to follow. I need to have it read by 6pm tonight. I am on page 69. There are 286 pages.

I watched "Into the Wild" more than two weeks ago and I cannot get it out of my head. I tried to post about it, but it was all jumbled. (As opposed to what it normally is.)

I haven't been kissed since March 18th. (sad.)

I have a three day birthday bash planned for myself. Out tonight with several friends, party at my place on Friday, getting gussied-up on Saturday and my best gal and I are hitting the martini bar.

Since getting very sick after drinking several vodka cranberries, I can no longer even take a sip of my former favorite cocktail. I am on a hunt for a new beverage. I will take suggestions.

Jager is my favorite shot.

"The Great Gatsby" made me fall in love with literature.

"The Things They Carried" is one of my favorite books.

I have to fall asleep on my stomach. More precise: on my left side, on my stomach, right hand over my stomach,left arm under the pillow, left leg bent. (I know, I'm weird.) (I've woken up with a perfect hand-print on my stomach many, many times.) (And a few on my ass, but that's another story.)

I've been accepted to six colleges. Four state colleges, plus the Art Institute in Atlanta, GA and The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.

I have attended three colleges.

My favorite color is royal purple.

My middle name starts with "L"

If I suddenly came into enough money to pay off all of my student loans and credit cards, I would sell all of my belongings and travel the world.

So, actually, only about $100,000. (Enough to pay off my debt, and then some to live and travel on.)

I would love to be able to make enough money through writing, painting, and photography to be able to support myself.

I am constantly amazed by what can happen within a year.

Or for that matter a day.

Or an hour.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, okay, that's all the randomness I can handle on myself.

So, tell me something random about you.


Brody said...

Happy Birthday!

Random thing: I love sprinkles.

Nick said...

Happy Birthday!

Random Thing: I once met Richard Moll (Bull Shannon from Night Court) at the top of the Sears Tower. Somewhere I have a picture to prove it.

Phollower said...

Happy Birthday PG!

One coincidence you failed to mention, you were sick as a child and now you're a pretty sick adult. Not that anyone's complaining, mind you.

My middle name also begins with L. We're practically fucking twins.

Random thing about me: I once broke a stained glass window in the church whose parking lot we played street hockey in when I was a kid. I had the guts to go tell the pastor. Fortunately he wasn't home and I got to just leave a note. A couple weeks later it was fixed and no one ever said anything about it or made us stop playing. That was pretty cool.

Bob said...

Happy Birthday, PG!!!

Radomness: After playing Chess everyday for years, It has over 18 years since I played. Pawn to King three

Jay said...

Happy birthday, pretty lady!

Random fact: I'm not sure why this just popped into my head. Probably due to the lack of sickness in the previous "Random Fact" comments...

...I was present when my grandmother, (my mom's mom,) took her last breath. To this day, I consider it the most peaceful death I have ever witnessed.

Unfortunately, I have witnessed a lot.

Jay said...

But wait...more randomness?!

Say it ain't so!

I clicked into your archives just a few mintues ago.

My first response to one of your posts was on Monday, December 26, 2005!

My first "outer dork" was Thursday, January 19, 2006, and was about American Express being "the UPS of the late 1800's".

GirlGoyle said...

here is some randomness about me. I'm usually happy go lucky type of girl but when I write on my blog I'm a dark, dingy constantly bitter girl and I don't know why.

limpy99 said...

Happy Birthday. My favorite color is also royal purple. Which also makes us twins which makes Phollower our triplet which leaves me somewhat concerned.

Random Fact: I have the scars from 52 stitches in my lips.

Party Girl said...

Brody: my cake was sprinkle-ishes

Nick: Really? I loved that show, not so funny in the re-runs. I would love to see the pic.

Ph: Sick as in wicked awesome, right? Much as PHAT is to cool and hip?

Bob: I've always wanted to learn how to play chess.

Jay: Okay, have to ask, in what circumstances have the deaths been witnessed? Military, friends, family?

...and I am amazed at how long this blog as been around.

GG: MAybe it's your place to vent without interruption??

Limpy: It means we are the cool kids.

...and how did the stiches come to be?

limpy99 said...

I'm not real skilled at rock climbing, and was even less so back in 7th grade.

Jay said...

Well then... I've have witnessed 3 shootings, one of them a drive-by with the victim being a friend, who was the intended target.(Shooter was killed 3 days later by dead friend's older brother, who is eligible for parole in 2018.)I've also witnessed a casual acquaintance murder his girlfriend by running her over with his car after she broke up with him. (He's serving Life without the possibility of parole in Joliet, IL.) 2 fatal accidents, one involving a car that hit a concrete barrier, ejecting the driver through the windshield into the ditch 45 feet away, and a tractor-trailer that lost control and ended up in a river,(driver drowned because he couldn't unlatch his seatbelt.) 2 suicides, both while in the military. 1 hung himself over a break-up, 1 killed himself in the most memorable and gruesome way possible... he climbed into the cockpit of an F-16, yanked the safety pins from the ejection seat and pulled the handles, sending him to the roof of the hanger that the aircraft was in at 200+ mph. I would have seen the impact if I wasn't diving for cover as soon as I realized what he was doing. If he hadn't been wearing a uniform with his name on it, they wouldn't have been able to indentify him! He didn't leave a note. To this day, no one knows why he did it.

Again, I've seen a lot.

Party Girl said...

limpy: Yikers! That hurts me just imagining it!

Jay: Ho-lee hell.

All made me sad and left me imagining the scene, but the two that have stayed with me from yesterday into today: the man who murdered his girlfriend and the airraft pilot. My god, but why?

I really don't understand violence and the, "if I can't have you, then nobody will" mentality, but much of what you've seen and described was just senseless. What was the point of it? I am sure the perpetrators would disagree.

ptg said...

Jay - wow. No words to express what you've shared. Just wow. And not in a good way.

PG - Happy (very belated) Birthday! I hope you had lots of fun and fabulousness, because you deserve it. And that March 18th has now been followed up by April 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th. :o)

Random fact? -I played softball for over 14 years, and despite the fact that I did coach for two years, I can only throw in a sidearm throw, which, when playing a position in anything other than catcher, is not very effective.

Anonymous said...


Or as they say in France:

Bon Anniversaire......(yes i know i'm late)
HST SAYS (why will it not let me choose my name?!)

Random: I can spin plates circus style.

I traveled across the world to paris, walked into a museum and saw a friend from a neighboring towns high school. I have a picture of it in a scrapbook somewhere.

puerileuwaite said...

34? No offense, but we'd better hurry if we want to crank out a litter.

Party Girl said...

ptg: there were some birthday kisses, some birthday dancing, and some birthday dance-floor grinding...all in good fun.

There were also some drunk dial birthday wishes which I received.
I also received an angry drunk dial...that was ignored and deleted.

HST: It is a small world, I am randomly reminded of that fact, often.

P: I know! My eggs are old, and dryin..(ouch!)....that one died.

George said...

Happy belated B-day! You are one of my favorite bloggers. I have gut laughed and teared up over your writing several times. Thank you for being you and for sharing your life. A fan.

Party Girl said...

George: Ah, thanks, that was very sweet to read!

Thanks for the well-wishes and for the wonderful compliment!

Karl said...

Egads, it's been far too long since I've been here. I'm terrible at keeping up. Happy belated birthday. I hope it was a wonderful day for you.

Something random about me: my favorite cereal is Fruity Pebbles.

Tom Serafini, Actor to the Stars! said...

Happy Birthday, Girlie.

Random Thing: I could stare out the window and dream aimlessly for hours...