Wednesday, April 02, 2008

life is getting in the way of life

ya, know?

I mean, I haven't been this social since, well, since my early 20's (eeck!) But, then there is that whole, I have to type it out and tell you about it. I want to tell you, but then there is that life-thing. My, life-thing, that keeps happening. That, life-thing where I keep saying I won't go out, that I will only drink water, that I won't be out for more than an hour or so, that I still have my Spring Break cold, but, c'mon, my name isn't PG for nothing, you know?

Why, just last week I was all snuggled on my couch, counting the minutes down until it would be an "acceptable" bedtime hour, face washed, contacts out and glasses on, PJ's stepped into, mindless drivel on the Stupid Box, coughing up a Sickville storm. Then, my friends called. And, well, there might be a problem when I make my way out to the bar, without make-up, on a Tuesday, at 10pm...and close the bar down, when mere minutes previously to be called, I was wanting bed.

So. You see, I have stories. Funny stories, sad stories, witty stories, love stories, and cry-myself-to-sleep stories, but....I also have stories about papers and presentations and exams. Sadly, those "stories" have been winning. I know, I know, I don't like it either. But, what can I say, I need to actually be able to find a job once I finish this here Master's degree, you know? I mean, I have bills.

So. Be patient. I'm not dead, just a grad student. I'll be back, I'll be around and the stories will still abound. I promise. I swear. I mean, it's PG, here.


ptg said...

Aw, PG - don't worry. We'll still be here.

But remember, we're not picky. Stories of any sort are good to us!

Tom Serafini, Actor to the Stars! said...

My 3 answers to this are as follows:
1. What I really miss are the pictures of your boobs.

2. What's that old expression credited to everyone from Ghandi to John Lennon? "Life gets in the way when you're busy planing other things" or something like that. Do what you need to do but don't let the roses slip by. It's always later than you think. You're in good company, namely mine which brings me to ...

3. Still thinking about how you were in NYC and never called on me for a lunch date. Not hurt by that. no not at all...

GirlGoyle said... gets in the way, it sure does. But we patiently await to hear as I'm sure those stories that you then will tell will be that much juicier!
BTW....are you still going to S.America this summer?

Party Girl said...

ptg: ah, thanks! I think about leaving, but there is too much in my head to not put it somewhere.

Tom: My apoligies. Something tells me I will be back in NYC before long.

GG: Yep, I will be in Brazil (and hopefully Argentina) for 9 weeks this summer.