Thursday, October 02, 2008

the artist that is I

...or what I love doing and wish I could do all day while the funding for paints, canvases, and the creativity are flowing altogether. I don't care if you like them, cause I do. (so there.)

This was a birthday present to my Mama in April: "A New Day"

This was the painting sent to London, which was lost in the mail (not bitter) "Snow Falling at Night"

just to show how much painting/texture was on the canvas. (It was pretty damn cool, if I do say.) (And I just did.)

What was before: (Took a lot of time and I hated it.)

What was after four paintings over of what was:...I don't remember the title and I'm too lazy to look behind the painting at the moment. Painted over the painting weekend.

Twister: (also has a lot of texture that is lost in a picture.)

This will a series of three. This is a "morning" painting called "Morning Glory" as in, what's the story...painted as part of the weekend series.

This will be the other two...when I'm happy with them, which is not now.
An afternoon and an evening painting. Part of the painting weekend.

Untitled and I started this in Spring of 2007, finished it this past spring.

"Love Thy Self" painted over the weekend.

"Imprints" or what is my left hand, also, painted over the weekend.


Jay said...

I like "Snow falling at night". I love texture in paintings.

I'm a huge Jackson Pollock fan.

Party Girl said...

Jay: I loved that painting and it was really hard for me to part with it, but I painted it in mind as a gift, so, there it went.
....and was lost, or stolen. Eh. (not bitter, not bitter....)

I'm thinking of doing a version part deux to keep for myself.

Almost all of paintings have a large amount of paint on them to create texture, a raised picture. I'm starting to do more with a flat surface, but still partial to the thick paint to run your hand over and feel the art.

ptg said...

Love, love, LOVE them all.

Snow Falling At Night *is* pretty...but I have to say my favorite one is either "Love ThySelf" or "Morning Glory."

You're a talented chick, PG.

Party Girl said...

ptg: why thank you, PTG.

I do love the process. Now. If only I could get the creative juices flowing for my writing.

HST said...

I'm really partial to "untitled"

I just like the green and black and white.

GirlGoyle said...

Unfortunately I'll have to say that my favorite is the Snowfall that went lost. Maybe some day it will reappear?