Thursday, October 30, 2008

inner dork: randomness

EBay was first used as an Internet site to buy and sell Pez dispensers.

Rocky Road ice cream was invented in 1929 to reflect the troubled times ahead.

Next to humans, elephants have the longest lifespan.

John Paul II eliminated the position of Devil's Advocate, which was originally used to argue against sainthood.

Mel Blank, the name of Porky Pig, has the words "That's all folks" written on his gravestone.

JFK, who graduated 64th out of 112 in his high school class, was voted "most likely to succeed."

That's all. It's a short and sweet dorking today. Or, what is a quickie.


ptg said...

Love the Ebay quickie.

And I actually knew that about Mel Blank. I adored him.

Jay said...

Just to let you know, humans and elephants have the longest lifespans for mammals.

Giant tortoises have an average lifespan of 150 years. Bowhead whales have been known to live up to 200+ years and quahog clams have been found to be nearly 400 years old.

BTW, glad to see you're doing better, love. :-)

Party Girl said...

ptg: I thought that was fun about EBay.

Jay: You are correct (as always)

The note about quahog clams: last fall, NPR ran a story about a clam that had been alive since Shakespeare. How did scientists know that? They opened it up, of course. Of course, that killed the clam, but hey, they knew how old it was when it died.

Party Girl said...

jay: Oh, and me, too.

Me, too.

The world is much prettier, much more lovely when it is in technicolor.

Old Man Crowder said...

Hey, I never knew where "Devil's Advocate" came from.

What a tough position that must've been.

Party Girl said...

omc, holy hell, where and how have you been???

...and yes, that is one position I would not want to be in.