Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a new day

So I think I might be out of my funk.



Please god, let it be gone.

I'm still not sleeping that great. And even with 100mg of sleeping pills, I am not always falling asleep or sleeping through the night. Yes, it is nerve racking and irritating, mind numbing, frustrating and any other word you want to add an 'ing' to.

I've figured a lot of things out. Made a lot of connections. Put a lot of things together. Even though it can be heart wrenching, at the same time its incredibly rewarding, amazing, and makes me feel like I'm not nuts. So. Those are good things.

That's it really. My world is in technicolor today. It's pretty cool.


limpy99 said...

Not to be a downer, but please be careful with the sleeping meds. 100 mgs seems like a hell of a lot, and speaking from personal experience with my good buddy Ambien, (at much lower dosages), the body can start to tolerate more and more of it.

Anyway, I'm sure you talked to your therapist about it, but watch that stuff. Insomnia sucks plenty as is; no need to add more to it.

Hope you keep turning the corner.

Party Girl said...

Believe me, I'm not comfortable taking that many mg, but it is the only thing that is getting me to sleep.
25, stopped a long time ago, 50mg lasted one night. I'm going to try not taking anything tonight and see how it goes.
For one thing, I feel rather sick to my stomach today.

Thanks for the well-wished on the progress.

ptg said...

Glad to hear you're getting some sleep, even if it is med-induced.

And love to hear that the technicolor has returned.