Monday, November 24, 2008

follow through

Today I asked for the "no contact" order to be issued.
I filled out all of the paperwork and answered and asked questions.

Tomorrow the paperwork will go before the Dean of Students and he will review it to see if the issues is necessary.

I also asked to file a university complaint.

What that means is that I asked that BJ be removed from my classes and attend the classes at an individual study instead.

Since I issued a complaint that means I will have to meet with the Dean of Students and answer all of his questions and go over everything all over again.

The complaint can be denied and I'm not sure if it will be issued or not.

The no contact order will more than likely be issued.

When I meet with the Dean of Students I will also ask about comprehensive exams and that I take them elsewhere so that I do not have to be in the same room with, or see, BJ on that day. I will also ask about graduation as he and I are close alphabetically.

Anyway. That's all. I am emotionally exhausted.


Jay said...

That, my dear, is how you take control of a situation! Ignore the consequences, pay the price. I'm proud of you. :-)

Party Girl said...

Thank you, Jay.

Now. Let's hope the no contact order is issued, let's hope he is not allowed into class, that I can take comps separtly, and let's hope he isn't stupid about the whole thing and does not cause any more drama or trauma, stress, tears or more issues for me, or anyone else.

I am also requesting that he be ordered to take some classes regarding sexual assualt.

The most disturbing thing is that he does not get all... and is blaming his actions on being drunk.
Replace "drunk" with anything else...I didn't mean to hit them with my car, I was drunk. I didn't mean to slap her, I was drunk. I didn't mean to miss work, I was drunk. I didn't mean to rape her, I was drunk. she didn't mean it when she said, no; she was drunk.

... and he is calling me ridiculous, juvenile, and on and on. Very disturbing. Highly infuriating.

GirlGoyle said...

If it were denied....would he know about you filing the complaint? Cuz that could sure open a whole other can of worms - no? He's a jerk!

Bob said...

Is there a higher authority if it is denied by the Dean of Students. Totally sucks that you must do this. Like Jay said -Totally proud of ya!

Party Girl said...

GG and bob:

He has a chance to tell his side as well.

The school goes on a "more likely than not" policy, not a "reasonable doubt" policy. So, if it is determined that he is guilty by 51%, then it is issued.

So, yes, he will know I filed a no contact order, regardless. For the complaint, we would both meet with the Dean of Students.

There is also an appeals process, but it has to be for a legitimate reason, not just "I don't like the panels decision" and they can only appeal once, if it is denied, that's it.

As of right now, I haven't heard anything. No phone calls to even set-up an appointment. Nerve raking. Needless to say, even with the sleeping pills, there wasn't a whole lot of sleep last night.

Emotional Mullet said...

Stay Strong.