Tuesday, November 18, 2008

just askin'

Do you ever watch yourself writing something and wonder, "huh, how does my hand now how to do that? How is my hand able to write so dang fast? How can I think these thoughts while still writing out something so dang fast?"

No? Okay then.


Tony said...

lol, honestly, not really. I usually have to think everything out before I write anything down.

Jay said...

I usually have the opposite problem. As in, "I know exactly what I want to say. Why don't my hands work?!"

Jay said...

P.S. http://jay-adkins-amateur-pundit.blogspot.com/

Party Girl said...

Hmm, so you're saying it's just me then.

Well, that just means I'm special.

...or something.

Jay, thanks for the link.