Tuesday, November 25, 2008

an update

I just received a phone call stating that the no contact order was issued. It will be mailed out tomorrow, which means he will get it by Friday.

However, he is not home because of the holiday. So, my goal for him to receive it during the holiday, is not going to work. Also, it is a certified letter, he won't be home. So, this concerns me a bit.

Also, he will receive a letter stating that a school complaint has been issued against him and that it will go before a panel.

Needless to say, I am a bit emotional.

Also, the only person, other than my therapist who knows, is my mom. I did not want to bring my best gal into the situation that way, if someone asks her something, she literally, can play innocent to the situation. AND if BJ should be so stupid as to mention this to anyone, I have recourse.

But, a support network would be awesome right about now.

(and exhale.)


ptg said...

**Widening her arms to become full PG support vehicle**


For being a strong person.
A good person.
A smart person.
A loving person.
A self-aware person.
And most importantly - an amazingly strong person who continues to surprise us all with her acts of courage.

Party Girl said...


Thanks, I needed that.

Tonight, I realized that I just issued a restraining order against someone who I will have to continue to see twice a week and sit through hours of class with...huh...brave, stupid, or, in your face don't fuck with me?

Let's hope the complaint is issued, that way, I won't have to see him in classes either.

I'm just glad I did something. Even if nothing went through/approved, at least I could say, I did something.

Party Girl said...

Oh, and I emailed two of my professors (the ones who I have papers due for immediatly upon returning from break) to ask for an extension.

I was already very behind on homework/papers, since I missed Wednesday-Friday as homework days to deal with this shit, I am even further behind. The extensions help with the stress level and the mind clog.

Joke said...

That was brave and strong and self-something-I'm-blanking-on. With a good dose of wise, thrown in there.

But don't forget the "exhale" part.

That's crucial, too.


Jay said...

I hope this all ends up well for you, beautiful.

If it's a choice between A. Brave, B. Stupid or C. In your face/don't fuck with me, I'd go with a little for column A and little from column C. :-)