Tuesday, April 03, 2007

where my ass will be in May


Specifically my ass will be in Mykonos, Santorini, and Athens.

Even more specifically it will be there from May 7-17.

I paid for it last week.

Of course there is a convoluted story to go with the booking and finalizing of it, but I'm tired of the convolutedness. I'll just say, I didn't mean to actually book and pay for it when I did (there has been a definite mind, body, brain, awareness that has been lacking with me) and I proceeded to freak-out immediately following the point, click, paid process. See, I hadn't finalized with my prof if I could go. I had purchased the, "cancel for any reason" insurance. And yes, that is literally what it is called. But, believe it or not, I cannot, in fact, cancel for any reason. I just kept telling Abby, that was the girl on the phone who I was trying to be calm and rational with, that it really needed to be renamed cause something called, cancel for any reason leads me to believe that I can, in fact, cancel for any reason.


I'm going. Barring hell or high water, which the way my life has been going for the past several months wouldn't be a stretch, my ass will be on a beach, in the ocean, meandering through ancient ruins in May. I also really want to make a weekend in New York the weekend before I leave, but I need another $500.00 to make that happen. Any takers? Or I guess it would really be, any givers. Anyone?


So yeah. As of right now and for the past couple of days I've gotten over myself and I am picking myself up. Of course there is a convoluted story to go with that as well, but I'll save it for another day.
Thanks all, for listening to me over the past months. Really, thanks.


Jay said...

I'd have to say that your ass...ANYWHERE sounds like a good thing! ;-P

Seriously, have a good time in Greece!

Will said...

My lap?

Party Girl said...

Jay: Oh why thank you, Babydoll! I am finally letting myself get excited about the whole trip. Whoo-hoo! Look at me in a strange land all by myself! Let the stories commence!

Will: No. July. That's where my ass will be in July, not May.

Phollower said...

Greece sounds excellent.

Grease also sounds excellent and some creative use of it could probably get you that $500 you're looking for.

Bre said...

So.... How big is your suitcase and how much will I have to bend to fit into it?

Karl said...

Greece is damn lucky to have your fine ass in it, that's for sure.

Old Man Crowder said...

Greeced ass.

My favourite.

Have fun. And post pictures.