Tuesday, March 27, 2007

an update to the update of an update, or I just want to graduate before I die

The one credit thingy: My professor couldn't be nicer. Well, he could, but...Anyway, he is going to teach me code and I am going to develop a website for my art work. I've had enough interest generated that I need to have a site to direct people to. So, the one credit thingy might actually turn out to be a good hassle to go through.

Last night: I am literally running to get all the signatures to have the independent study approved before I have to drive the hour to BPU. My advisor asks about the trip dates to Greece. I tell him. I then tell him Computer Science Prof is willing to give me an incomplete if I don't finish before my trip and I will finish the class upon my return.
He tells me, if the class isn't finished before May 19th (graduation day) I won't be a May grad, I will be a August grad.



I wasn't told that.

Obviously not an option. This whole getting a degree and simply trying to better oneself and oh, I don't know, graduate- seriously. Go through the steps, get the paper, get the debt, start paying. Ta dah! How difficult should that be?

I spent most of yesterday, before hearing this news, thinking maybe I shouldn't go. Pay off my car, pay off some debt, move.
In the one hour drive after hearing the new news from my advisor I decide this is what I will do.

I get to class and talk to my prof. He says, he didn't know about the deadline and I should go on my trip and we will get it finished in time.


So confused. Things shouldn't be this difficult.

Needless to say I listened to Rage Against the Machine for two hours last night, both on my way to and from class. RATM is my, I've had a shit day, music.

Today, not so shitty. Good mood. Applied for two positions at High Faluton Universities out east. Nothing improves a mood like aiming and going for the possibility of the impossible.

I promise the mood and tone of the postings will improve soon. Promise. Swear. Cause, I'm even sick of me.


brandy said...

"Nothing improves a mood like aiming and going for the possibility of the impossible." That might be my new mantra.

Bre said...

Seeing as I work for a rather large university in the east... I say go for it! ;)

egan said...

I hope things work out graduation wise. Sucks to find out about these deadlines so late in the game. I'm expecting a change of mood on your next post. Is it possible to get sick of yourself? Yes, I get sick of myself. Good luck and make sure to exhale.

limpy99 said...

If you graduate in August, you're loans won't be due until after that! See, you were meant to go to Greece.

Party Girl said...

brandy: I do rather like that one. Pulled straight out of my ass.

Bre: I actually thought about that. How funny, odd would it be if we worked together?

Egan: I think it just may come down to a flip of a coin.

Limpy: sadly, not true. I'm only in one class, doesn't qualify as part-time credits, first loan payment was due in Feb. I deferred it until April. They will start coming due in: April, May, July, August. All at various times and all for various amounts until they add up to a rent payment!

Karl said...

All rather exciting stuff. Wow, you're THIS close to graduating. And taking cool trips. I'm jealous.

GirlGoyle said...

This graduation thing is becoming more painful than giving birth. Sometimes you wonder if all thes frigging rules are put in place to make someone's life miserable. However wheather you are a May grad or an August grad at this point isn't a huge difference I don't think. It's only one class you are missing and I think with a trip to Greece to clear your head you'll come back refreshed and ace the damn class with your eyes closed. So carpe diem and go on the trip. You live only once and living logically is boring.

Will said...

I'm confused...

Showing your tits wasn't good enough for the final credit? Or you didn't try it? Or what?


Anonymous said...

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