Monday, December 03, 2007

Since last I graced you with my presence

Well, some things have happened, not a lot, but some.

First, jet lag is horrible. Mine seems to be in the evening. I wake-up all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and by 10 p.m. I have tears in my eyes and my body and brain are begging for bed.

The jet lag being a result of my trip and my trip being so fast, all I want to do is daydream about my travels and fantasize about my next one. In my fantasies (trip fantasies, not my sexual ones...although...) I have been to: the Croatia coast, the capitals of central Europe via rail, Amsterdam, London and Paris....I really need to focus on the $5,000 I'll need for Brazil. Oh, and the last of my papers which are due this week and next. I have nine left. Nine out of 37....almost there.

Even with the jet lag and an impending ice storm I still managed to go out on Friday night. (and Thursday before class...and...) Live music, the company of good friends, and plenty of my drink of choice; vodka and her girl Cranberry.
When the label on the bottle, which houses the vodka literally reads "vodka" and nothing else well, the head is going to hurt the next day.

The wonderful night of live music, good friends, and vodka and cranberry ended at a greasy spoon with a few of the friends and a member of the band (who would also drive us home...)
...the morning started with the friend who crashed on the big, ugly, comfy couch waking me up to tell me there was snow on the ground and she needed to make it home.

Opening the door to go outside there was an ominous silence in which the only sound was that of freezing rain. A look at my car and....ick.

After spending about 36 minutes scrapping my windows in time with the little drummer boy who had made himself comfortable in my skull. (And just an FYI, when freezing rain, a.k.a ice, makes its way from car windows and flies (pelts) your face, it hurts. Just FYI.)

A drive to buy sandbags for my trunk, dropping my friend at her car, the buying of some wonderfully greasy food, a nice hot shower and being snowed in...or iced in...for the weekend, I do love a good snow storm when I don't have to be out in it...I enjoyed a wonderfully lazy two days.

On another note, I quit my job. My last day will be this Friday. I am super excited about this.
It wasn't the pay, it wasn't the job, it wasn't the horribly random and not well thought-out assignments; no, it wasn't any of those that made me give my notice. It was the completely random and hateful comments, the condescending remarks from the grad assist, the remarks about my intelligence, the complete ADD moments, and the lack of active listening and the ability to give coherent instructions on how to do my job. I spent most of the last three and a half months trying to take it all as sarcasm...then I just realized it wasn't worth the minimum wage hassle and I quit.
Oh, and my schedule next semester wouldn't work out with my job, although true, that was really just the excuse I gave. Honestly, I just hated it.

On another note: look what Mr. London sent me
Yep. Color me surprised. Just a, "Sorry I missed you in Budapest, hope to see you over Christmas" $80 flower bouquet that I ordered from London.
Okay, I added that last part. That part wasn't on the card. That part just made me feel special.

On another note: I have no attention span to finish the last of the 37 papers or study for the four finals. None. At. All. This needs to change.

On another note: I got nothing else.

Oh wait, yes I do: PTG what happened to your blog?

Okay, that one was a bit specific.

Now. I have nothing else. Except, how are all of you?


Old Man Crowder said...

Thanks for the update.

I'm still around; mostly just popping by random blogs, making a nuisance of myself.

I'm looking forward to retiring in Grenada. I'm so sick of stupid Canadian winters. And it's only December 3rd.

Bre said...

Those flowers are gorgeous!

So what's your next adventure after quitting this job?

puerileuwaite said...

That job was coming between us anyway. I always had a problem with guys being able to leer at you there, all the while knowing you could avoid all human contact by working at home as a telemarketer. This should do wonders for our relationship.

Bob said...

Jet lag... arrrrrrgh! I hates it! 2 years ago, I was on a three week, whirlwind sweep of 6 counties in Asia. Both ends of the 12 hours time change in 24 days. Arrrrrrgh!!!
SNOW is a four letter word. Crazy people in the south can't drive in the rain, much less SNOW!
Ooooooo, Colorful!
:pushes PG toward the 9 papers she needs to be writing: Get to work, young lady!

Party Girl said...

OMC: Thanks for making me random. I always appreciate randomness.

Bre: Aren't they?

I plan to put all (okay, not ALL) my attention and focus into: school, finding funds for my summer internship and learning Portuguese by the summer.

No job.

P: Oy! Tell me about it. Now you will have my full attention.

Oh, and inner dork will be coming back. Soon-ish

Bob: That is horrible jet lag! I thought making a 14 hours trip in two hours was bad enough!

Lynne said...

Beautiful flowers! I bet those put a spring in your step despite the jet lag and the ice storm. If it makes you feel any better: when I woke up this morning it was -42 degrees Celsius.

Jay said...

Inner dork coming back?!


P.S. Did you get my email? :-)

limpy99 said...

The generic vodka reminds me of the movie "Repo-Man", where all the food comes in black-and-white cans labeled "food".

Not that that has naything to do with your post, but I felt like turning the conversation to me.

ptg said...

First: Good job, Mr. London.

Second: No job? Me thinks you're going to get bored without too much to do. It's like an ADHD kid finally being slowed down...weird.

Third: New blog at Got rid of the first one to avoid getting fired, but no such luck, I was canned anyway, so fuck em.

Fourth: I love snow too.

GirlGoyle said...

Holy moly girl! The card alone would've made my day! Love how you start out your posts with 'yeah I got nothing going on...' and then it's an avalanche of things that happen. It's killer!

Party Girl said...

Wow, once again blogger is not sending me comments.
I stop in, I see love, I feel special.

Yep. I'm that simple.

Jay: Give me a week (or two) and inner dork will be back.
I did get your email and give me a week (or two) and I'll change the link. (kisses)

Limpy: Funny, that's what I thought when I saw the bottle.
Or in "stripes" when above the door it reads, "door"
I think that reference is right, if not, I know someone will correct me.

Ptg: fired!?!?!? holy moly! That sucks! So sorry to hear this. I will check out the new blog and link to it (in a week or two)

As for the, no job and ADHD..we'll see. Part of me knows you're right and part of me really hopes you're wrong. I need a break and spend time on school. Work took too much away from school this semester. Not good.

GG: Yeah, the flowers totally made my day. Completely surprised. Completely.

As for the, "I got nothin' oh wait, yeah I do" I don't realize what has been going on until I sit and write it all out.