Monday, December 31, 2007

starring me in the face

2008, that is. Hol-le-hell. How did another year go by?

There is something about new year's eve that calms me and makes me reflect. Not that reflecting is anything new, I tend to reflect on the past and on new possibilities a lot..perhaps too often, but I like to remind myself of where I've been, where I've gone, and where I'm going. I do more thinking about it all tomorrow, only there is a very good chance that tomorrow's reflection will be interrupted by a banging in my head, greasy food to try and curb the banging, and dark sunglasses to stop the blinding in my eyes. So, along with some errands and watching a mindless marathon of "No Reservation" with Anthony Bourdain, I'll reflect on one of the most amazing years of my life and I'll wonder what the new year will bring to me and those around me.

One thing I know for sure is that I grew in ways I could not have imagined, saw things I only dreamed about, and learned enough to know that I don't know anything at all. It was an interesting, heartbreaking, stressful, imaginative, eye-opening, courageous, daydreaming, tear-filled, laugh line making, liver killing, exhausting, insomnia inducing, wondrous and glorious year. I look forward to more of all the above starting tomorrow. (Around noon-ish.) (I'm expecting a late night.)

Happy new year everyone!


Jay said...

I loves me some Anthony Bourdain! My favorite chef by far! I own Kitchen Confidential and A Cook's Tour.

I actually did not drink for the holiday again this year. There's something about New Year's in Wisconsin,(it's a very drink-y state to say the least,) that brings out the herding dog in me, wanting to keep tabs on everyone and making sure they get home safe. All of my friends here are still alive. Therefore, I am successful.

That and not being drunk made the sex SO much better! :-)

Happy New Year's, love!

Party Girl said...

Ah, thanks, Love!

I actually ended up having a very subdued, but still enjoyable night. And, like you, I did not (hardly) drink. It was odd, but enjoyable. I call NYE, "amature night" and living in a college town the title fits nicely.

When we left the house party we walked to the bar, good lord, what an asinine idea that was. I was finally able to feel my legs and ass again around 4 a.m.

GirlGoyle said...

way behind in reading all. Just dropping in to wish you Happy New Year. Hoping to have some time soon to catch up on all my missed blogs!