Wednesday, December 19, 2007

wish hard, hope hard, drink hard...

Okay, so grades are due today.
Grades have not been posted as of yet.
I need to get a 3.0.
A 3.0 means: I won't be placed on probation, I won't lose my scholarship, I will be able to apply for scholarships and grants for my Brazil trip.
It basically means I won't have to worry.

So, if all of you, most lovely of lovely people, can think all good thoughts for me, that would be great.

There are two classes that have some cause for concern. Bad start, strong finish, but that bad start was a really bad start, so even though I had a strong finish there is still need for worry.

In another class, which I was (perhaps the keyword) getting an "A" I was most annoyed with the professor and with his test. I kinda showed this in my answer on the essay portion. When the question asked us to show our knowledge in research and apply it to the (stupid ass) question being asked of me, I (kinda) responded in a snarky manner.
The question, to paraphrase: developers want to build a new housing development along the Mississippi river...and it goes from there.
My first sentence to the questions read: "Well, I would ask why people would want to live along a flood plain." (not kidding)
Second sentence read: "Will the people have a problem with needing to buy flood insurance?" (Nope, still serious.)
Third sentence, "Will they have a problem with the smell of the river?" (Nope.)
..and it went from there.
So, who knows where my "A" might have went.

Other class I was (again, keyword) getting an "A" in, that professor decided to grill me over the hot, hot bed of evil known as the, end of the semester pissiness for over 30 minutes in front of my peers because she misunderstood what I said only I didn't know that she misunderstood and couldn't for the life of me understand why she wasn't getting it and when she finally did understand she didn't seem to care about the hot, hot bed of uncomfortableness and flusteredness she had just put me through. The class, however, apologized on her behalf.

So. Please. Please, squeeze your eyes tight and think happy good thoughts for (or, of) me.
See it. Think it. Visualize it.
The 3.0.
Or. 3.2.
Better yet, a 3.5.
That'd be great.
You're all the most-bestest.


Bre said...

I'm crossing everything - do I hear a 3.8?

Jay said...


*monotone chanting*

Hear me god of the GPA.

Give my favorite Party Girl a 3.0 or better this semester.

Or I will gouge out your eyeballs and skullfuck you.

Ommmmmmmm... ;-P

Good luck, love.

ptg said...

Well, I've meditated, prayed, crossed my fingers, stepped over the cracks, rubbed the belly of Buddha, done the Wiccan chant, gotten my lucky clovers, and performed any other type of lucky ritual you can think of. I'm pulling for ya, PG - because if someone isn't able to realize how idiotic they are (see first "A" course) or ignore it (see second "A" course), it's just a sign of the descent of our world anyway.
Where's Darwin when you need him?

Bob said...

Eye closed. check
Thinking, praying, wishing, hoping. Sounds like a Dusty Springfield tune, doesn't it?

Goooooo, PG!!!

limpy99 said...

Hell, I'm visualizing a 4.0.

But then, I've always been greedy.

Party Girl said...

Thanks for all the good luck dances, wishes, chanting, and voodoo charms.


Alas, they did not work. .15 of a point short.
A few "B's" one "B+" and then one "C" The "C" did it.

Perhaps a bit surprised, but not shocked. Considering the grades I had at midterm, I should be very pleased, happy, and proud of myself. I'm sure those will all kick in later. Right now, I'm just bummed.
I can blame my job, because yes, it did take a lot of my time, energy, and stress level. Or the guy who tried to break-in the day before my midterm.
However, it falls on me.
1/4 of the way finished. I will do better next semester. That's all there is to it.