Tuesday, December 11, 2007

well, that ain't right...

(A moment to set the scene:)
Finals week. 36.5 papers finished out of 37.
Take home essays to finish: 1 set of 2 questions.
Finals taken: 1.
Finals left to take: 2.
Two of those finals are tomorrow.
I really, really need to get an "A" on one of them.
(Feel free to send me all kinds of warm and fuzzy thoughts around 1:00 pm CST.) (Thanks.)
(and then again around 6:00 pm CST.)
21 of the papers are due on Thursday at 1:00 pm CST.
They count as a total of 55% of my grade for the semester.
(No pressure.)
Today, my state was hit with another ice/snow storm.
School was not canceled.
I lost three hours of precious study time to go take a final on an undergrad stats class that has nothing to do with my GPA.
I was annoyed as all hell.

Tonight I finished a research paper and I needed to refresh my eyes. So, time to wash the face and brush the teeth, take out the contacts, put on the glasses and start the next round of typing. The take home essays, to be exact.

Take out the contact container from my medicine cabinet.
Grab the container of multi-vitamins, put one in the right contact holder, one in the left contact holder.
Stand and stare at the contact container.
Try and figure out what I did wrong.
Why doesn't that look right?
Tilt head.
...and let the laughter commence and the dark circles under my eyes brighter for a moment.
Pretty sure the contacts would be healthier in the morning, but they would not be cleaner.
Brush teeth.
Feel (slightly) refreshed.
Write blog post.
Think of some bullshit to write for the essay test.
20% of my grade, so it needs to be good bullshit.

Wonder Twins, activate! In the form of: giving a shit!

Almost there....almost there.....


Bob said...

Cranking up Good Thoughts Machine for PG. May the light at the end of the tunnel not be an oncoming train! {{{pg}}}

limpy99 said...

I really hope one of those essays is on either Connecticut or Delaware. Good luck.

Phollower said...

There were an awful lot of numbers in the beginning of that post. Let me just say I hope everything goes well. Get an A and then go get yourself some A. And Vodka. Not necessarily in that order.

Sylvia and I are a little nervous about the nasty weather ourselves. She has a couple hockey games in Dayton, OH on Sunday and then we have a 3rd game back in Indy on Sunday night. It'll be close time-wise even if the weather is nice. If the weather's crappy... buckle up kids.