Monday, January 07, 2008

Fast train to Sickville

Actually, I'm lost in Sickville. I took the fast train here on Friday and woke-up lost in this miserable town on Saturday. Aches, pains, nasal drip that looks like cream of chicken soup...what, too much? All I need is some decent sleep and I know I will feel better. However. The nose wouldn't let me sleep on Friday night and the whine inducing aches and pains of my body wouldn't let me sleep on Saturday night. Last night the Vicodin I took helped, but not much. (Note to self: take two Vicodin tonight.)
Today, it will be me, Anthony Bourdain, and a marathon of The West Wing. (Good show, don't know why I didn't watch it more when it was originally on. Probably because I wasn't home, but whatever.) Oh, and I also have the second season of Weeds. Truly, my brain has been sitting like the mushy, mushness it has become over my school break. Good brain. Zombies, stay away.


Bob said...
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Bob said...

Let's try this again....

Micky Dolenz voice

On the Fast train to Sickville,
Can’t you feel her frustration.
If she only could get some good sleep,
It would help her situation.
She gotta blow, oh, no, no, no!
Her nose, nose, nose!

'Cause she achin' in the morning
And she whinin' once again.
Watchin' marathons of old shows
Keepin’ Zombies from her brain.
She gotta blow, oh, no, no, no!
Her nose, nose, nose!
I’ll never eat that Chicken Soup again.

On the Fast train to Sickville.
None of her usual libations.
No vodka and no beer,
And no grapes of fermentation.
Oh... Oh, no, no, no!
Oh, no, no, no!

On the fast train to Sickville,
Now her nose, she musta blown.
We all hope you feeling better –
From your head to your toebone.
She’s feelin' low. Oh, no, no, no!
Oh, no, no, no!
It ain’t no fun being sick all alone.

On the Fast Train to Sickville,
On the Fast Train to Sickville,
[repeat and fade]


Old Man Crowder said...

I'm never eating cream of chicken soup again. Nice goin'.

I, too, am sick as a dog. Assuming said dog is really sick.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Enjoy the Vicodin ride.

GirlGoyle said...

I will never look at cream soup the same way again. It was of the consistency of YUCK to begin with and now you've spelled out why. Ummm...thanks!

Kidding aside, hope you feel better soon but do enjoy the down time as much as you can!

Bre said...

Chug some of that a!rborne sutff - it tastes AWFUL but it always helps me!

ptg said...

Ugh. I was sick last week and felt as if my brain was leaking alternately though my nose and my lungs. It was awful!

Hope you're feeling better and a little less mushy these days.