Friday, January 11, 2008

time for an update

been awhile since I've done a full recap on this thing called my life, so here it goes.

Finally seeing the tunnel out of Sickville. Good, Lord. I haven't been sick in over a year and I haven't been this sick in several years.

I've been off from school since December 13th and I go back on Monday. One. Whole. Month. Freakin' awesome.

Too bad that one week was spent sick, but that's the way it goes.

My trip back home for a little over a week for the holidays was good. Good times with the family. Time spent baking and cooking with Mama, which was good for my soul and mind. All the additional calories have been eaten away in Sickville.

I didn't make my GPA for last semester. I've come to terms with it and I will meet with my professor to see what I did wrong on the final. I worked my way from an F at midterm to an A by finals day and ended up with a C.

Yep, that means I failed the final. (But, fail two tests and still getting a C; part of me is oddly proud of my grade.) I have a sinking feeling I missed one of the questions. At 35 points a piece, not good to miss one.

Whatever the reason I will find out next week.

Whatever the reason I really don't think the professor with change my grade to a B, so it doesn't really matter other than for my peace of mind why I failed the final.

As a result I lost my scholarship.

Not happy about this.

But, moving on.

So, that means I have to get my act in gear or my MPP career will be over before it was started.

I won't be working next semester, so that should help.

You know, since I won't have a job where I make no money and have umpteen meetings to go to after work hours and organize an entire homecoming event for the university...all while none are my job.

I'm guessing that will help in the GPA, stress, and school studies.

With all of that in consideration, I did really well for my first semester.

Self-doubt will be gone...or not as semester. This means I will do better.

On another academic note, I found out, with math being my most dreaded and sweat inducing subject that it is for me, that I can get a B in stats without opening my book, studying, and all while talking to the guy next to me during class, and not really giving a damn about the class.

The reason I didn't give a damn is because it is an undergrad class and didn't count towards my GPA.

Perhaps not giving a damn is a good strategy.

So far for my internship in Brazil this summer I have managed to save almost $500 in the last month.


I also had some monies saved, so I only $5100.00 more to save.

By June.

I plan to sell some jewelery and some of my paintings.

On the dating front:

I have a date tomorrow.

But, he doesn't drink.


He doesn't drink alcohol.

No reason, he just doesn't.

What do we think boys and girls? Will there be a second date?

There may be a possibility for a Guy Number Two.

Guy number two and I went out once last fall but nothing came from it.

He emailed me the other day to say, he fucked up. Sorry for disappearing. This is him groveling. Second chance?

He received an email stating, I don't recommend fucking up again, cause there will not be a third chance. And feel free to grovel. A lot.

He drinks.

London and I were supposed to get together in KC over the holidays, but after making the plans I didn't hear back from him.

This is odd and uncharacteristic of him.

Part of me is worried and part of me is annoyed.

One of my guy friends and I are going to try to make a spring break trip to AZ for spring training.

Anyone care to join us?

There will be a lot of beer.

A lot.

As if that needed to be said.

My Mustang and the winter are not friends.

I really, really, really..and repeat until the word no longer makes sense...want a new car.

This won't be happening, but I want one.

Mine is paid for. I like not having a payment. I cannot afford to have a payment. Done.

My apartment still sucks.

Hate it.

I only have 1.5 years more to live here.

I can make do.

Then hopefully I will be making so much money that I can actually choose where I want to live and not have to settle for what I can afford and doesn't make my skin crawl.

Hey, remember when I used to post everyday and I actually had some witty, insightful, and amusing tales to tell? Well, what do you say I pick that back up?

Starting Monday I plan to bring back some favorites.

Well, favorites for me. Soapbox posts on Monday, Power of One posts On Wednesday, and of course Inner Dorks on Thursday.

The other days will be filled with wit, banter, and amusing tales I'm retelling.

At the very least there will be words in the posts.


Think that's all.

For now.


puerileuwaite said...

You should blog live from your dates, and ten conduct your behaviour accordingly, based on the comments. I'll be sure to always be the first commenter.

Party Girl said...

P: That's actually a really good idea and as you all know what it is I am looking for and what I like, perhaps some of you could aid him in the process as well. That'd be great.

Karl said...

Hey there, PG, happy new year. Been a while since I've dropped by...I'm really behind on blog reading. Good luck with the dates, you hottie you.

HST said...

I wanna drink with you in Arizona!

just sayin...

TrappedInColorado said...

I won't date women who do not drink. Hey! It's a great social lubricant. I like it. ;)