Thursday, January 24, 2008

inner dork: cheers!

Yay! It's Thursday!

Did you know...

In America 69% of men and 57% of women drink beer.

Beer was often served with breakfast in medieval England.
(As it should be.)

The oldest recipe in existence is a recipe for beer.
(Is in in hieroglyphics?)

Germany has a beer ice cream in Popsicle form. Its alcohol content is lower than that of normal beer.
(Hmmm, ick.)

The makers of Old Grandad whisky produced their product throughout Prohibition by marking the bottles "for medical purposes."
(so, why wasn't everyone that smart? Where were the other PR peeps?)

The coiffe is the metal wire basket that holds a champagne cork in place.

In making bourbon whisky 51% of the grain that is used must be corn.

Jacqueline Kennedy had the recipe for daiquiris pinned to the wall of the White House kitchen; it was the couple's favorite drink.
(As it should be.)

As it is -6 degrees with a windchill of -25, today I think I will make a hot totty to warm my soul, and hands, and nose, and feet, and mind, and....


Bob said...

Ben & Jerry’s introduced at new flavor in 2006 in - Black & Tan™

The lid describes it as “Cream Stout Ice Cream Swirled with Chocolate Ice Cream.”
It was produced only in PINTS - how appropriate!

Nick said...

And what... no little tidbits about Milwaukee (where I live)... which is the beer capital of the United States? I think you're starting to slack off on your inner dork. ;)

Appletini said...

How about the history of the appletini?

ptg said...

ditto on Nick's comment. C'mon! Beer, here!

And FWIW, the Black & Tan B&J (which, minus the "&", can also be a good way to spend the evening) ice cream is quite tasty. (Cue perverted comment here.)

Hope the hot toddy was tastY!!!!

puerileuwaite said...

Well then, in that case, TODAY my name shall be "Hot Totty"!

limpy99 said...

-6? Sounds like a day to sit by the fire and drink straight out of a bottle of tequila and pretend you're in Cabo San Lucas.

Or, knowing you, drive to the airport and go to Cabo San Lucas.

Party Girl said...

okay, for all of you complainers, I mean helpful peeps from WI, stay tuned to this week's inner dorking.

Limpy: Oh, you know me so well. I have come very, very, very close to booking several trips since November.

...but then I just think of Brazil this summer and well....