Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Power of One: Beads for Life

This was a good weekly feature. It shouldn't have stopped. I need to keep it going.

We forget how powerful we are. How good we are. How good and powerful we can be. One person can and does make a difference. One person in the lives of many and in the life of one, it all matters. Sometimes that person is good, sometimes that person is not so good. Sometimes we harness the power in the wrong ways.

For the most part this weekly Wednesday feature will be about the good in humankind, but sometimes it will be about the bad in humankind, just to serve as a reminder. A reminder that evil can come in the human form and in small ways just as the good can come in good and powerful ways. Sometimes it will be a feature story, other times a link to a cause or a website which I think is trying to do good things in small ways. You may not agree with all of the choices, that's fine. At the very least I would hope, I want, it to generate thought, feelings, emotions, and perhaps action on your part. Big action or little action, either way it is an action and that's all I hope for. That's all I want. I want us all to remember and to know that whether we believe it, think it, or want to recognize it, we all make a difference. Big, small, little, huge, and many times in ways we don't know at all, we all make a difference in this great big giant world of ours and I want us to remember that we make a difference more than we forget that we make a difference. Even if we only remember for a moment once a week on a Wednesday.

This week: Beads for Life


ptg said...

You rock.


Party Girl said...

ptg: Ah, shucks.

Just trying to do my part.
Trying to do what I believe and what I talk about each day.
Simplying trying to pass it on.
Trying to make a difference in the little ways that I can.
Trying to show others that it's easy.
Trying to let others know they, we, all matter.
One little step at a time.
That's all.

Bre said...

You really do rock you know. For reals.