Saturday, May 16, 2009


The parents came for a quick stay-over and left after a good breakfast of carbs, dead animals, and grease.

A lot of stuff was donated and a lot of stuff was sent home with them to put into my old bedroom.
A lot more still needs to be packed. (sigh.) I hate packing, moving I don't mind so much. Packing, to me, means throw-out, get rid of, donate, and why the hell do I have this? eck! Get rid of it. It's cathartic.

I should probably be packing right now.

Honestly, if it was practical I would donate, sell, and throw-out 99% of what I own. By the time it is over, I will have donated about 25% of my schtuff.
Why not all 99%? Well, because I will need to replace it. Ala, my couch, chair...and that takes money and my mortgage payment kicks-in in December and it's for 10 years, so..... ("Mortgage" means "student loans.")

However, the big, ugly, comfy couch will be donated and so will the recliner, which is in perpetual recline. The reason? The couch has lost one of its adjectives (comfy) and the recliner (although still amazingly comfy) is in perpetual recline (meaning, it's broken.) So much of my stuff is old. And it was old when I received it for free, so, it's time to donate it on.
Oh, and my microwave, which I call "the oldest microwave ever invented and still in continual use." It's a monster. Cook a 20 lbs. turkey in it, monster. It also might not be safe. Safe to use. Some of those micro waves may not be staying in the unit. It's just a theory I have, but probably not that far-fetched. (Truly, it's from the late 70s, early 80s. They don't make 'em like this anymore.)

Anyway. I've thought about what do I really need, materially, what do I need? Clothes (as in what I have, non-name label), my funky jewelry (much of which I have made)(or have come from my travels) and my artwork (paints, brushes, canvases, and what I have made/completed) that's about it.
It used to include my books. I love reading and learning, but I've learned that's what the library is for. ( is a great way to sell and make money.)

So, if that's all I need, why do I have more than that?

How about you, what do you need? Cannot part with?

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Old Man Crowder said...

I have a very close relationship with my TV and stereo. Toothbrush is important, too, I suppose.